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Open Letter to the NFL

Dear NFL Owners, Executives, Coaches, Players:

Billions are now reaped from television, commercials, fan viewing, sales of “merch.” Players make crazy millions that, frankly, dwarf and render pathetic the lives of we fans. Referees, for example, many with amusing Popeye muscles, make $205K for, what, a half year’s work?

As for you owners and execs…

Yet you fail to protect players with a simple, inexpensive addition to player training/regimen.

Perhaps too many have mere football background, too little general knowledge.


December 2023. Outstanding Houston Texans rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud was knocked backward by an onrushing lineman after making a pass. Standard quarterback occurrence. And for other players—pro, college, high school, down to peewee.

Result. Stroud’s back hit the turf hard, his head immediately following. Assisted off the field, he went into now-mandatory concussion protocol/testing.

He indeed had a concussion, resulting in being unable to play the following weekend, resulting in a far-diminished Texan team with a far-diminished outcome and far-diminished product for fan viewing.


Simple, inexpensive tweak in player training/prep that would make a BIG difference:
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