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MIA! Nice Negro Outrage Re Not-Nice Negro Outrageousness

(The State of Black America as 2024 Begins. Observations, Commentary.)

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Black Americans, White Replacement (White male angst is wholly misplaced)


Dear White Americans concerned about being replaced by Blacks:

I address you as a fellow American, as a self-appointed Black American representative.

It seems many of you are concerned about being “replaced.” Meaning overtaken, sup-planted… As corporate chiefs and managers, professionals, persons seen repairing roadways?

I guess persons privileged, accustomed to… “I’m Number One” status, I guess.

By actions of a crowd claiming to represent you on January 6, 2021, and actions taken by persons claiming to represent you respecting restricting voting rights, it doesn’t seem you’re concerned about being replaced as stewards (persons concerned with preserving) of American democratic ideals like one person, one vote. ??

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Pants Down the Ass vs Achieving The American Dream

[Note! Yowl completed this post during spring 2020 coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic dislocation. In various aspects it assumes/presumes pre-pandemic, near full-employment. Conditions hopefully will return to same or similar. If not, observations and solution posed still hold. However, under changed, more difficult circumstances.]

Pants Down the Ass
Achieving the American Dream

(Solution to the challenge of enabling pursuit of the American Dream by ANGRY urban Black youth [UBY] and their families)

(A Wolf Yowl)

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Of OBAs and NOBAs (A Wolf Yowl)

A Divide among American Blacks needing recognition

Copyright Yowling Wolf 2019 / All rights reserved

Dedicated to…

The few Africans present at the very dawn of New World exploration, and the few who in that early time willingly set sail to the Americas to seek their fortune…

But, especially, to the millions unwillingly herded onto ships as so much cattle, brought to the New World long ago shackled, stacked as cordwood, countless numbers perishing and cast anonymously into the sea, many by their own volition, so bleak and awful was their plight.

Who, along with their descendants, suffered hundreds of years of untold suffering and hardship and indignity as slaves.

And after that shameful stain on America were freed to be the downtrodden and despised in the land of hope and promise for others.

Yet endured.

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Whites Aspiring to be Black? Has America Reached a Racial Tipping Point?

(The real knock against Rachel Dolezal, the White woman who would be Black, is disbelief a White American could genuinely want to be Black. Is that so improbable today?)

A tipping point occurs when a series of small changes or incidents accumulates to cause a larger, more important change. It is the critical point in a situation, process, or system beyond which a significant, often unstoppable effect or change takes place. An example would be the point when several persons infected with a disease becomes an epidemic. In physics it is the point at which an object is no longer balanced, and adding a small amount of weight can cause it to topple, as when one more card causes a house of cards to collapse, or a person grounded on a teeter-totter, by inching forward causes the weight to shift, and the person on the other side to descend. A tipping point is where ascent shifts to descent, where, for good or ill, what was before, often so long it seemed an immutable norm, changes to something new and different. Thus, the industrial revolution signaled a shift from thousands of years of agrarian, agriculture-based lifestyle to movement of population to cities and urban culture. Development of computers marks change in habits, thinking, and lifestyle that continues to redefine modern life.

Perhaps owing to the impression created by such seeming retrograde developments as events prompting the Black Lives Matter movement and elevation of Donald Trump and a largely White, male cohort to power, it seems not to have been noticed by experts and pundits that America may have reached an important racial tipping point. For the very first time in the long, depressing national history of subordination and denigration of Americans of African origin—Blacks­—by Americans largely of European origin—Whites—, it may not be improbable that a White American might seriously entertain wanting to be Black.

It is this observer’s view that such a tipping point has been reached. Rachel Dolezal, a woman born blonde, blue-eyed, and White, who lives and presents herself as Black, and by all indications and to the seeming consternation of many genuinely aspires to be Black, may symbolize this tipping point.


The reality not so long ago

Circa 1996, during a stand-up routine documented in the film Bring the Pain, Black comedian Chris Rock challenged the few Whites in a large, mostly Black audience, and was not contradicted. He said:

“I’m rich! [Pause for effect.] I’m famous! [Another pause.] And there’s not a White person here who wants to trade places with me! That’s how good it is to be White in America!”

No question, but at that time and probably for some years thereafter, other than momentary imaginings of being a Black athlete on a top-level football or basketball team, or a Black hip-hop performer, no White person in America seriously thought about, much less wanted to be Black. Continue reading

Deconstructing the Tragedy/Tangle of Black Lives Matter


(Same ‘ol, same ‘ol racism is not the whole story. It’s much more complex. Ironically, ascendant culture of a group left behind puts that group and others at risk.)

Joshua Beal. 25 year old shot and killed by an off-duty (White) Chicago police officer, 11/5/2016.

19-year-old shot and killed by Chicago police during foot pursuit in West Englewood neighborhood, 11/23/2016.

Black Lives Matter Flag flying on Northwestern University campus in Evanston, IL, just north of Chicago.

1/5/2016. Northwestern University in a Chicago suburb announces two weeks of “student-organized, administration-backed programs” addressing Black Lives Matter. In Chicago, in 2016 there were over 4,000 shootings. Most were of young Black men in poor Black areas. 762 shootings were fatal. Only a few shootings were by police. The great majority were by young Black men. Per Don Babwin (Associated Press, Minneapolis Star Tribune), this was an increase over 2015 of over 1,100 shootings, nearly 300 deaths, more than Los Angeles and NYC combined. The bulk of homicides “were in five of the city’s poorest [Black] neighborhoods on the South and West sides [5 of 22 Chicago police districts], where violent street gangs are most active.”

Young Black males in the United States (14-19) are 21 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than White males of comparable age.
—ProPublica analysis of federally collected data on fatal police shootings, 2010-2012

Although 62 percent of the American population (of some 330 million), whites were only 49 percent of fatal police shootings in the period Jan. 1, 2015 to July 11, 2016. Although only 13 percent of the population, blacks constituted 24 percent of fatal police shootings in the same time period. (2.5x more likely to be shot and killed.) In that time period young black and white men(18-29) were shot and killed in roughly equal numbers—175 vs. 172. Of these, 24 black men were unarmed, 18 whites. Given vastly unequal overall population numbers, young black men were much more likely to be shot and killed by police. Although just 6 percent of the overall population, black men constituted 40 percent of fatal police shootings of unarmed persons during the period. 13 percent of blacks shot during the period were unarmed, versus 7 percent of whites.
—Wesley Lowery article, Washington Post, July 11, 2016

Of 45 police officer-involved shootings in Oakland, CA, 2004-2008, 37 were black, none white. 1/3 of shootings resulted in fatalities. Although no weapons were found in 40 percent of cases, no officers were charged.
—Oakland NAACP reportage

After wallet and cell phone were taken at gunpoint by a young black man he noticed loitering outside his apartment building, [studious-appearing, Wolf notes] Jerry Ford, Jr., University of Houston grad Student and leader in local Black Lives Matter movement, is “suddenly all for police patrolling, protecting his neighborhood.” —September, 2016 news report

They only kill us because of our skin color and our race.”—Ashley Beasley, young Philadelphia woman re police, 9/22/2016

12/12/2016: Two police officers were shot during a highway traffic stop in Georgia Monday night, officials said, the third such incident in two weeks. (22 year old [Black] suspect held.)

“How cheap is black life in these United States of America? This is why the Black Lives Matter movement is so necessary. It will remain so until black lives do, in fact, matter.”—December, 2016, remarks of Black Washington Post reporter, Eugene Robinson, following hung South Carolina jury (11 Whites, 1 Black) in the trial of White police officer, Michael Slager. Following a [broken taillight] stop of Black motorist, Walter Scott, Slager, as evidenced in a video taken by a bystander, calmly from a distance of 8 feet, shot the 50 year old “pudgy” motorist five times in the back, once in the buttock, as he “slowly” ran away, killing him. Slager then dropped his gun by the body to bolster his story that they struggled over it, and he “feared for his life.”

“There’s too much violence in the black community.”… “If you want to deal with this on the black side, you’ve got to teach your children to be respectful to the police, and you’ve got to teach your children that the real danger to them is not the police; the real danger to them, 99 out of 100 times, 9,900 out of 10,000 times, are other black kids who are going to kill them. That’s the way they’re gonna die.”—Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani on Face The Nation, summer 2016.

[Note. FBI statistics show the Black-on-Black murder rate (since 2014) to be approximately 90 percent. White-on-White murder rate for the same period is 82 percent.]

Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castille (Black male passenger shot by Hispanic police officer in Minneapolis suburb)… Black male Tulsa motorist shot by White female officer while walking away w/ hands up, Black man selling items on street in Baton Rouge shot by White male officer, Black woman motorist in Texas shot by White male officer, Black motorist in Charlotte, NC (waiting for child at school) shot by Black male officer, ex NFL player Joe McKnight shot by White male in road rage situation, etc. etc.

“Deconstruct” means break it down, sort it out. (So as, hopefully, to better understand.)

After many, many months of pondering, reading, hearing little more insightful than “cops are killing young Black men because they are racist and we all need to self-examine, blah, blah blah,” The Wolf proposes in characteristic fashion to bring rationality, originality, experience, knowledge, research, and unique insight to bear on the tangle of emotions, the as yet unexplained (to anyone’s satisfaction) tragic dynamic giving rise to the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM). I.e., cops (male, female, Black, White, Latino, Asian) shooting Blacks, some unarmed, some walking or running away, having hands up, seeming in no wise deserving of being shot.

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“Check your privilege” is a phrase afoot today on some college campuses. It is directed at white males in particular. It is used to remind such men that they likely benefited from favorable experiences, perceptions, assumptions, presumptions growing up, which they are not fully cognizant of, and to which they have not given proper consideration. Moreover, they continue to benefit from same. It is meant to check and cow such (privileged) persons, lest they, in speech or action, suggest that others, less advantaged, are not only inferior, but at fault for this inferiority.

Recent psychological studies support this premise.*

This Yowl suggests that “check your privilege” might also be directed at an alpha class of American women—specifically Caucasian, well educated, professional-type, below the age of fifty, and, typically, not unattractive. Such women tend to exercise (fiercely), they are ambitious, they are all about self advancement and “leaning in.”** They are privileged and self assured. They are destined to be American leaders and influence arbiters.

Not that women should not be ambitious and take advantage of all opportunities. The Yowling Wolf is a feminist who wholeheartedly believes in advancement of women. His two grown, achieving daughters are proof.

However, attitude, belief, outlook count for much. This is particularly so when attitude, belief, and outlook is reflected in American leadership, and is problematic.

The Wolf has discerned a curious attitude/belief/outlook on the part of some, if not many, possibly even most of the women in question. It bespeaks an unrealistic, arrogant, even fantastic sense of entitlement. Ominously, it is redolent of an American brand of female entitlement, arrogance, imperiousness, and surreal behavior, evident in a particularly dark, unsavory chapter of the American past.

It is The Yowling Wolf’s view that unnoted, unexamined, unchecked, given the power and influence such women will wield, this attitude/belief/outlook has possible negative implications for American relations abroad and race relations at home. (History shows that the two are not unrelated.)

Manifestly, imperious arrogance and fantasy in domestic and foreign policy and planning cannot be a positive.

As is said, “from small acorns do large oak trees grow.”

The attitude/belief/outlook detected, examined, brought to light in this Yowl may be termed and characterized as a “Miss Scarlett” aspect. The contention is that a Miss Scarlett aspect is alive and well in an influential group of American women, and this augurs problematic going forward.

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Published December 9, 2014 | By YW | Edit



Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, Eric Garner of NYC, the 12 year old (Black) boy waving a replica pistol shot dead on a playground by a white cop, the young (Black) father of two in a Wal Mart holding and looking at a toy gun to possibly purchase shot dead by white cops (summoned by a white patron), the newly released Justice Department finding that Cleveland cops routinely use too much force [Duh-h!], …

The sad unraveling of yet another Black man, a national icon, America’s “favorite dad”—William Henry “Bill” Cosby, Jr., a/k/a “The Cos.” (White America [and other colors] must be thinking, “Damn! If we can’t trust Bill Cosby, ….”)

A lot to Yowl about.

Is there a connection between 77 year old Bill Cosby and 18 year old Michael Brown?

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Answer: By and large in color only, which is how/why he got elected. Hang with The Yowling Wolf.

First, context. The Yowling Wolf voted for Barack Obama—twice. The Wolf went door-to-door for Barack Obama in suburban (white) neighborhoods having to explain that anti-white pastor thing.

The Yowling Wolf was thrilled at Barack Obama’s election. Wolf recalls having breakfast at the Philly airport Sheraton the week after the victory. No other black folk were sitting at tables. Black folk were doing the serving. However, they had a noticeable bounce in their step.

Persons of color can thank Barack Obama for that lift. Yessir! In yo face, Whitey!

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This yowl ain’t really about whupping. That’s another subject for another time. It’s about fatherhood, more particularly lack thereof and its effect on male youth, in particular urban black youth.

The latter—urban black youth—is, of course, a BIG topic. The Wolf ain’t gonna try to address this topic in one go. Rather, we’ll come at it piecemeal.

Yowling Wolf, BTW, is a big believer in piecemeal—coming at big things in smaller, manageable chunks and bits. Yowling Wolf believes that is how BIG problems can most effectively be tackled.

Whupping has been in the news in the person of yet another well-meaning black father pilloried and brought low by a righteous, presumably well-meaning (white) American press. So Wolf will yowl just a bit about whupping and corporal punishment.

Adrian Peterson, all-star NFL Minnesota Vikings running back, from every appearance a friendly, likeable fellow, in his own words “whupped” his four-year-old son by an out-of-wedlock mother, same as his prison inmate daddy regularly whupped him as a boy in Texas, to the point of bloody laceration with a “tree branch.”

The Wolf by no means condones small children, or any child, man, woman, or beast being struck to the point that blood is drawn, or even bruises or welts result. The Wolf has had such visited upon him, both as child and adult. Generally, not a good thing. However, as in most matters, there are exceptions.

(E.g., having a fist fight with another, unbeknownst to most, is a very intimate experience. Unless a total beat down, combatants emerge with much mutual respect. As kids you often become friends.!!)

By the same token, Yowling Wolf also finds fault with a white, liberal, American mantra of thou-shalt-never-lay-hand-(or any implement, including tree branches)-on-any-child-in-any-way-for-any-reason. And OMG!, heaven help you if you do, especially if you are …non-white. You are the lowest of the low. (An animal?) You shall be punished.

Yowling Wolf notes that this abhorrence of violence apparently does not extend to innocent victims of drone strikes (virtually all of them people of color), orchestrated by anonymous “pilots”—”soldiers!,” “warriors!”—sitting at desks watching computer screens many thousands of miles away (who then drive home for dinner with their families). (Authorized, yes, by a Nobel Peace Prize-winning, Black [African] American president who is regularly castigated for being too soft on America’s enemies. Yeah, things get complicated.)

Apparently violence is sometimes justified, even to the point of killing innocents. Continue reading