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Soccer Innovation

Concept For Winning, Non-boring Soccer

As some have divined, Wolf interests extend beyond the important topic of American race relations and attendant matters.

One interest pertains to soccer (“futbol” or football), the world’s most popular sport.

Not to be confused with overly violent American football, which The Wolf played in his day (not nearly so well as his [half] brothers, three of whom earned college scholarships); which is likely destined for the dustbin of history once the pool of ghetto blacks willing to concuss their futures dries up.


The Wolf never played soccer. Same as most Americans decades ago, knew little of the game beyond the name “Pele.” However, introduced his two daughters to the sport. The younger lettered varsity four years in high school at center forward—person mid-field closest to the opponent goal—, was tri-captain as a senior, scored over 50 goals! Despite not being overly fast or aggressive.

Secret to her success was skill at dribbling and passing, with both feet. Much like an adroit ball-handling point guard in basketball.

The Wolf was her teacher! Continue reading