MIA! Nice Negro Outrage Re Not-Nice Negro Outrageousness

(The State of Black America as 2024 Begins. Observations, Commentary.)

Contents for this post:

The Nice Negro (NN):

Wolf family is large—three children, five grandchildren, ninety-nine year old mother, nine brothers/sisters, eighteen nieces/nephews, growing number of grandnieces/nephews, numerous cousins. It is multi-colored, multi-ethnic. True American melting pot. Blacks, a few Whites, Jewish son-in-law, half Native American, Palestinian, Puerto Rican sisters-in-law, Mexican mother of a nephew and wife of a nephew, Cuban girlfriend of a bro.

All but a couple adults are college-educated. No one is jailed or addicted. None! Nary a person smokes!


At family gatherings Wolf teases by calling relatives “Nice Negroes.” As most are law-abiding, non-rock-the-boat types, reasonably successful, some very. Educators, doctors, lawyers, a politician, businessmen/women, sales types, corporate employees. A couple Apple engineers!

They are non-threatening folk of color (now called “Blacks,” “African Americans”).*

* Given considerable immigrant influx of actual Africans since the 1990s, “African-American” is a misnomer. Wolf notes and approves what possible distant cousin Smokey Robinson said in an interview not long ago when referred to as “African American.” “I prefer to be called American-American.”

Wolf invention. Wolf now uses the terms “OBA,” “Non-OBA,” (NOBA), OBA-NOBA combo.*

* Readers of Yowl Of OBAs and NOBAs are aware Wolf distinguishes “Original Black Americans” (OBAs), those descended from America’s particularly cruel, lengthy form of slavery, many (most?) still suffering effects of America’s long history of Black repression, from Non-OBAs (“NOBAs”), more recently (since the 1920s after WWI) arrived Blacks of Caribbean, African, other foreign origin and their descendants. Who chose/choose to come to America (!!). Who, much as other immigrant groups, by the very nature of what it takes to endeavor to immigrate (including those presently trekking up from Central America!) brought/bring with them ambition, initiative, work ethic, etc. that serves them very well. (MAKING IT IN AMERICA IS A PIECE OF CAKE FOR IMMIGRANTS!) Typically, they have energy, cultural pride, discipline, habit of pooling family resources, respect even reverence for education (!!!). Often a background of relative privilege in their home country. And QUICKLY ADOPT CUSTOMARY DISDAIN FOR GROUPS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE AMERICAN HIERARCHY—OBAs in particular.


Transparency. Wolf’s is a OBA-NOBA combo. Jamaican immigrants (NOBAs) on the paternal side, Blacks descended from American slavery (OBAs, Original Black Americans) maternal side. (Maternal forebears described below). Although NOBA Jamaican grandparents arriving in 1924 were probably not much more than eighth grade educated, their primary education was likely very good. Even today Jamaican school children wear uniforms, and from all strata behave and attend to lessons. Same as many immigrants, they hailed from a background of hard work, entrepreneurship, small business ownership. Relative privilege back in the home country.*

* Wolf paternal (NOBA) grandfather, his surname (and Wolf’s) that of his great (great-great?) grandfather (who got his from Anglicized version of his German slave owner), freed by his owner circa 1830 when Britain outlawed slavery in its colonies, hailed from a line of shopkeepers and small farmers. In Elmira, NY, where Wolf’s father was born, experiencing cold and snow for the first time, he worked as a railroad laborer,. Moving to Montclair, NJ, where a Jamaican community lived alongside southern (OBA) Coloreds (often quarreling, Wolf father and brothers fist fighting with OBA boys), he worked as a chauffeur, a waiter for caterers to wealthy Whites (along with Wolf’s teen father), eventually as Montclair High School janitor, watching his five children pass through on to college. Always wore a tie and sweater vest. Became a deacon of his church, acquired rental properties, eventually a large house. His sister and her family occupied the second floor, renters the third. The house, still painted white, at which Wolf spent much time, is 133 Chestnut Street.


Wolf has elsewhere noted that while relatives, both OBA, NOBA, and combo, are pulled over for DWB, never has there been an arrest, a spreadeagle, a beating, anyone killed. Irritation certainly! But as the window is calmly lowered, hands are displayed, King’s English is heard. Minimal attitude is evinced. Officer is immediately at ease.


Useful (needed?) history:

1936, eighth grade graduation, Porter Street Elementary School, Memphis, Tennessee.

Wolf mother, age 12 (3rd row from bottom, 4th from left), is class valedictorian. Far right, 2nd row up, is future preacher, lawyer, prominent civil rights leader Benjamin Hooks—salutatorian. All teachers are Negro/Colored. Neighborhood is Negro/Colored. In an era of strict segregation, students attending the school hail from all socioeconomic strata. No one laughs, smiles, goofs, cuts up! ALL ARE DRESSED, FOCUSED, PRIMED FOR SUCCESS!

Wolf maternal grandfather, son of freed Mississippi slaves [Granted. Children of their masters and a slave concubine. But illiterate.], country doctor/farmer just east of Memphis* (founding member of Memphis NAACP), rented a Memphis house each fall so his nine children could attend Memphis city schools. Eight would finish college!

*How did he (also a brother among six siblings) become medical doctors? Brother of his mother’s slaveowner (which latter, with MD brother, a sister, and favorite concubine slave [Wolf great-grandmother] left his Georgia plantation for greater opportunity [to exploit slaves and more fertile land] in Mississippi) was an MD. Following slaveowner brother’s untimely death, MD brother supposedly looked after the plantation and slaves. Although illiterate, Wolf great-grandparents had reverence for education. The doctor brother likely assisted them following emancipation in purchasing a farm, likely later provided incentive, funds for Wolf grandfather, already a teacher, to attend Meharry Medical School for Coloreds in Nashville. It was not unusual following emancipation for former slave owners to seek to provide advantage to their offspring with slaves. Many provided funds to establish schools. Funding for HBCU colleges for instance.

Said grandfather had sharecroppers on his farm (Colored, of course), whom he encouraged to send their children to the local school for Coloreds. One of his five daughters was the teacher. Advice typically not heeded.

W.E.B. Dubois’ OBA “Talented Tenth” trying to guide less motivated, less advantaged lessers.


How bad was it for even respectable Negroes circa 1920s, 30s?:

Hyper-racist movie Birth of a Nation, released in 1915, featuring/lauding rise of the Ku Klux Klan, opened to wide and continuing acclaim even in New York City. (Where anti-Negro riots were not uncommon.) Not just throughout the South, but in the North, far West, even in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Negroes were lynched—killed without lawful legal process, hung from trees, burned—as punishment for “uppity” behavior, as a means of intimidating, controlling Negroes inclined to get ahead, to lift their heads in pride, to dare look a White person in the eye.

[Journey one day to the excellent Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, Mississippi, especially the dramatic Memorial to the Lynchings, Negro victims named, their fates hauntingly catalogued so far as possible, state-by-state, county-by-county.]


The following episode is telling respecting uphill climb faced by aspirant Negroes in 1930s America.

Decades before rise of (NOBA!) Army general Colin Powell, OBA Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., whose father, Benjamin Sr., would be the first Negro four-star general in the American Army (followed eventually to same rarified height by his son, who commanded the famed Tuskegee Airmen fighter pilot squadron of WWII [See movie Red Tails]), entered famed West Point (Army) Military Academy. On a ruse.

Wanting his son to attend West Point, which had denied him entry based on race, Davis Sr. moved his family from Washington, D.C., to Illinois to take advantage of having the lone Negro member of Congress (Oscar S. De Priest) sponsor his son to the Academy. Which he did, putting the son’s race on the application as “American.”

Discovered to be Negro, racism of White fellow cadets was such that for his entire four years in attendance Davis sat and ate alone at all meals! Moreover, no other cadet ever spoke to him!


Negro circumstances circa 1950s, 60s:

As a boy in Tallahassee, Florida, circa 1955, young Wolf and family, fresh returned from four years in Liberia, Africa, Wolf’s father was registrar at HBCU FAMU (Florida A & M University).* There were separate Whites/Coloreds sections at the downtown Woolworth soda fountain. Racial segregation/subjugation of “Negroes/Coloreds,” as we referred to ourselves, as we were referred to by Whites (if they were being polite), was near total. Ditto DC area 1957-61. E.g., Thursdays only were for “Colored” admittance at Glen Echo Amusement Park just outside DC (“Chocolate City”) in Maryland.

*Wolf father penned a letter-to-the-editor of the Tallahassee newspaper supporting a nascent boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, led by a young minister named Martin Luther King Jr.

[Note: To call a Negro “black” in those days was a serious slur. Would likely start a fight.]

Respecting the marvelous invention of “television,” apart from buffoonish Amos ‘n Andy, so rare was appearance of a person of color—often Sammy Davis Jr. with fellows of his “Rat Pack”—that Negroes called one another to alert that a person of color would be on TV. (Sometimes distant Wolf cousin Lena Horne in an old movie.)

At the dinner table of upward mobile, educated Negroes, talk of children’s future occupation inevitably centered on teacher, nurse, doctor, lawyer, or going into business for oneself. There was no discussion of working for a large corporation, nor becoming fireman, policeman, even dogcatcher. Besides certain manual industry jobs—auto steel, coal—, and U.S government postal worker and good DC (fed) “gubment” jobs, work servicing/interacting with Whites was strictly menial—janitor, elevator operator, the numerous occupations open to persons of color today did not exist. Wolf notes that his Jamaican immigrant paternal grandfather, after arrival at Ellis Island in 1924 a railroad worker in Elmira, NY, was janitor at Montclair (NJ) High School, where his five children attended (all of whom would finish college). He was also a chauffeur and church deacon. Typical of prideful, thrifty, enterprising immigrants, however—NOBAs!—, he eventually owned a large house and a couple rental properties. Wolf father and uncles sometimes fought with Negro boys whose families hailed from the South.*

As noted, factory jobs—steel, auto, mining—were available in Pittsburgh, Chicago, northern cities. However, union journeyman apprenticeships in plumbing, carpentry, the like… No!

[Comment: Civil rights movement getting started, voting and housing rights federal legislation years away, it was a time of Black (Colored, Negro) suppression, uniform White dominance. (What the Trump MAGA crowd yearns for?) That the maturing Wolf in a growing family well understood and resented.]


1960s—Minus/plus development following one hundred years of “freedom”:

Post slavery, following Emancipation in cities, towns, hamlets across America, segregation forced Nice Negroes to live cheek-by-jowl with fellow citizens of color inclined to dissolution, untoward habits/behavior—the benighted Negro “ghetto” underclass. Owing to this influence, predations, misbehavior of that underclass was likely no greater than among other groups.

Reprimand of persons inclined to indolence, waywardness, criminality occurred in Negro churches, and in schools from aspirant Negro teachers to all-Negro classes. (The example in the photograph!) However, daily also was the beneficial example of Negro professionals, businesspersons, teachers, postal/government workers, laborers, housekeepers, launderers, etc., all heading to work, most carefully tending homes, yards, lawns, who, as appropriate, doubtless admonished laggard fellows to “get a job!,” “behave yourself!,” “pick up that litter!,” “improve yourself!,” “don’t give up hope!,” “keep trying!”

Admonitions doubtless effective in tamping down misbehavior, inspiring many to work harder in school, to seek to improve themselves in lawful ways.

Daily example of Nice Negroes served to curb, mold miscreant underclass behavior!


All of which positive Nice Negro influence abruptly ended with fair housing legislation in mid nineteen sixties. Nice Negroes began exiting Negro hoods, proximity with lesser brethren. Not to suddenly live amid Whites. (No!) But they, their instructive example and positive influence left.

Since then, seemingly little of positive effect from example of Nice Negroes has filtered back to those abandoned neighborhoods. Not sufficient to counter negative influence of racism and concomitant lack of opportunity, lack of ambition and enterprise, teen single parenting, alcohol, drugs, and, especially, simmering ANGER. Nothing to counter the example of thug-gangster dope dealers with money in their pockets and flashy lifestyles… Rap-hip-hops’ current captivating corrosive lyrics, misguidance, encouragement of angry defiance of authority.

To his credit, now-disgraced Bill Cosby called out, criticized the wayward drift of appearance and behavior among young people in urban hoods (and was roundly criticized for it).




COUNTLESS MILLIONS SECURED BY (White-guilt-pimping) BLACK LEADERS—Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, etc. (received, pocketed, squandered by pimping [Black] ghetto “community leaders”) HAS MADE NO APPRECIABLE DIFFERENCE!

Touted initiatives such as “Success academies” (E.g., Lebron James well-funded “I PROMISE” school in his Akron, Ohio hometown), are but drops in a vast bucket of despair and misbehavior.

[Reader is prompted to read Wolf Yowl respecting solution for benighted Black precincts. There is no alternative to imbibing/inculcating habits of discipline, initiative, hard work, reverence for education, respect for law, delay of gratification, etc. critical to achieving success in modern, competitive America! Do Blacks have to become like most Whites, Asians, etc.?… Damn right!]



State of Blacks/African-Americans 2018:

Report: No progress for African-Americans on homeownership, unemployment and incarceration in 50 years

Chicago Tribune (2/27/2018)

Convened to examine the causes of civil unrest in black communities, the presidential commission issued a 1968 report with a stark conclusion: America was moving towards two societies, “one black, one white—separate and unequal.” Fifty years after the historic Kerner Commission identified “white racism” as the key cause of “pervasive discrimination in employment, education and housing,” there has been no progress in how African-Americans fare in comparison to whites when it comes to homeownership, unemployment and incarceration, according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute released Monday. In some cases, African-Americans are worse off today than they were before the civil rights movement.


State of Blacks/African-Americans as 2024 begins per a Black “politics scholar”:

Black Americans mostly left behind by progress since Dr. King’s death Sharon D. Wright Austin, University of Florida



Perspective on main theme herein (No Black outrage over Black outrageousness):

This past summer Wolf watched the women’s collegiate national championship softball tournament. Attractive, spirited young women. All a credit to parents, reflecting years of parental support and encouragement, countless rides to practice, hours of patient attendance at games, practice, considerable time money sacrifice. Now the reward, pleasure of watching the collegian, expense of college largely covered by scholarship, launched toward promising adulthood.

Noticed team members were a diverse mix—White, Black, Hispanic, not a few Asian young women, all high-fiving, reinforcing one another, teammates pulling together. An example of what America can and should be.

Reflected in particular on how these young Black women and countless young Black men and women are so very different from the sizable segment of young Blacks who fight and disrupt even in elementary school, brazenly maraud in thieving, destructive groups into downtown stores and—young men in particular—shoot and kill one another in their neighborhoods.

And how this stubbornly violent, menacing, dysfunctional Black element of American society, by virtue of shared skin color, causes law-abiding Blacks to be feared.


Examples of the problem…

Chicago mother sues city after murder charges were dropped against her and her son

A Chicago mother who was accused of telling her teen son to shoot a man at a fast food restaurant is suing the city and arresting officers, a day after murder charges against her and her son were dropped. Carlishia Hood, 35, was held on $3 million bail after she was charged last week with first-degree murder and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Hood alleges malicious prosecution, false arrest and intentional infliction of emotional distress in her lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.


White reactions (They be observing this stuff!)…

Ironic commentary re 24 year old black guy shooting 64 year old female mail carrier for not leaving his package of MJ.


I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self-improvement. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

Comments below photo of CHP troopers with a Black man in custody, alleged to have been the highway shooter/killer of an amazon truck driver days prior.

  • I ran the rear photo thru the analzyer and it came up as Amish. Again. And again. And again. Same people, different day
  • Lee

Guess who . . .AGAIN.

  • Henry

Still celebrating juneteenth?


Re large, middle-aged black male passenger causing ruckus at spirit airlines counter, then tackling and choking police officer who tries to restrain him.

Due to consistent behavioral problems, all blacks should be required to fly separately in their own plane unless they have no prior arrest record. Fighting over bag space, anything goes for the rest of the pack. Sad they’ve proven how unfit for civil society they are. And I don’t care what the media or democrats who pander to them say, no amount of reparations or equity this or Statue toppling that will ever change this behavior, it begins in the home.

Whenever you see a black standing in line, stay far away. They are very impatient and can’t comprehend whatever problem is being explained. They have a strong tendency to go ballistic in even the most simplest of circumstances. Stay far away.

Always seems to be that certain element that can’t behave in public. just another shining example of their delightful “culture” enriching all our lives…


Yahoo absolutely positively misprinted the picture of the perp. No way that’s one “Andrew Christopher Watson”. That’s a picture of one Tyjuan Shecorn, or Chajuan, or Jacquez Daquan, or Quanjavis Jawayne, or Detravious, or…Johnmarvalicious. (See ? I fixed the misspell)

Group who pled guilty to breaking into 50 cars over a two day period.


  • Tyjuan “TK” Shecorn Burch, 22
  • Quinn “Chucky” Chajuan Dawson, 23
  • Jacquez “Joc” Daquan Ivey, 23
  • Darell “Rell” Marrion, 21
  • Two juveniles

While prosecuting them, the Cherokee County DA’s office says they learned about three more suspects:

  • Johnmarvalious “Wixked” Givens, 22
  • Quanjavis “Boochie” Jawayne Jones, 21
  • Detravious “Trey” Long, 22

(White?) comments:

  • mmm

Johnmarvalious ,Quanjavis Jawayne ,Detravious ,Tyjuan Shecorn , Chajuan ,and Jacquez Daquan were all good boys. says their mamas

  • Ronald

They will fit in just fine in with other prison gangs, just on a higher level. And where do parents(?) come up with these names, Johnmarvalious , Quanjavis and Detravious?


Expelled Minnesota Democrat’s son suspect in hit-and-run crash that killed 5 Muslim women

The son of former Minnesota state Rep. John Thompson, a Black Lives Matter activist who was expelled by his own party …


Driver in crash that killed 5 women now booked in jail

The suspected driver, Derrick Thompson, 27

More, if more evidence of Black criminal outrageousness is needed…





White story about Blacks he/she was waiting on:

I was a server while in college and had a large group of gravitationally challenged afro American women seated in my section. I was a fantastic server and provided a phenomenal dining experience for this group. It was challenging to say the least. “I need mo butter, I need mo liqua in my Long Island tea, I think the bartender is ripping us off, what’s taking so long for my well done steak to be ready? Y’all need to get mo bread out here” Me, smiling, did everything they wished. When it was time to pay the bill, yep, separate checks. The total bill was well over a grand and when the dust settled, I was tipped one dollar. In other words, I paid them for their dining experience. The moral of the story is this. Some cultures do not teach their “churen” to be decent human beings. They teach them to get one over on the man. They teach them to be loud and unapologetically un-civilized. They teach them to solve problems with violence instead of the brain between their ears. I truly love all people and the generalization I make I don’t take lightly. I have many friends from all cultures, but this culture seems to struggle with assimilation the most. It’s sad really.


Death of Affirmative Action (Not a real cause for concern); and the good news:

Morning of 7/1/23 Wolf watched the president of traditionally Black, revered Howard University (whence Wolf stepfather dropped or flunked out of medical school!) opine disparagingly on the Supreme Court decision of 6/30/23 eliminating affirmative action.

Impressively, said president is also professor of surgery in the Howard medical school.

As soon as the man opened his mouth, revealing an accent, it was apparent he was an immigrant—a NOBA (Non-Original Black American).* Not likely a Black person overly oppressed by American racism and America’s particular harsh slavery past. Not likely someone harboring lifelong ANGER toward Whites; likely hailing from privilege in the country emigrated from. Not representative of Blacks struggling up to success from a racist environment!

*Repeat! Readers of Yowl Of OBAs and NOBAs are aware Wolf distinguishes “Original Black Americans”, those descended from America’s particularly cruel, lengthy form of slavery (“OBAs”), many (most?) still suffering effects of America’s long history of Black repression, from Non-OBAs (“NOBAs”), more recently (since after WWI) arrived Blacks of Caribbean, African, other foreign origin and their descendants. Who chose/choose to come to America (!!). Who, much as other immigrant groups, by the very nature of what it takes to endeavor to immigrate (including those presently trekking up from Central America!) brought/bring with them ambition, initiative, work ethic, etc. that serves them very well. (MAKING IT IN AMERICA IS A PIECE OF CAKE FOR IMMIGRANTS!) Typically, they have energy, cultural pride, discipline, habit of pooling family resources, respect, even reverence for education (!!!). Often a background of relative privilege in their home country. And QUICKLY ADOPT CUSTOMARY DISDAIN FOR GROUPS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE AMERICAN HIERARCHY—OBAs in particular.

Not one of US—OBAs (Original Black Americans).


Transparency. Wolf has never been a big fan of affirmative action. Wolf believes in doing the work to realize one’s potential, being rewarded by straight up evaluation according to merit. While at the same time realizing that often a helping hand at the right moment can assist, can aid one whose background has impaired potential and ability to muster on one’s own.

The (really) good news!:

Today, if one presents as a Nice Negro—law abiding, educated, lacking in outward negative attitude (although internally many of us Nice Negroes be thinking, “Fuck you, Whitey!”)—WHITES, CORPORATIONS WANT TO HELP!

They gonna give you that job! They gonna choose you over White folk (and Hispanics and Asians of roughly equal qualification) in school admission.

Which is why affirmative action is probably no longer needed.



What The Wolf wants, needs to point out at outset is that in spite of the many impediments placed in the path of American OBA Black folk, by an often hostile almost always recalcitrant White America, and not infrequently by impediments in Black OBA psyche and mindset (Wolf included), present drumbeat of police abuse of Blacks notwithstanding, THE CURRENT STATE AND STATUS OF AMERICAN BLACK FOLK IS EXCELLENT, ENCOURAGING!

Colleges have bent over backward to find, recruit, support capable Black students. Jobs await them upon graduation. With all corporations. With trade unions, manufacturers, government.



Slacker/knuckleheads included!:

If a slacker, knucklehead, someone who while exposed to the free public education that immigrants immediately take advantage of chose to goof off, believe that attending to lessons, doing homework, learning is “acting White,” something to shirk, yes, the road to success might be bumpy. However, jobs at a fast-food joint for $15 an hour are now available. Black unemployment is at an unheard of below 4 percent! (Thank you, Dems! Thank you, Joe Biden!)

Providing one doesn’t choose a criminal path, one can go forward, make something of oneself. And even after a criminal path, although more difficult.



But are entitled, rap-thug-wanna-be-infused young folk in Black urban ghettoes aware of this and heeding and taking advantage of this opportunity?…

Sadly, many are not. And no one, none among so-called “Black Leadership” call them on this!!


Astonishing Progress/Success of Nice Negroes:

A majority of Black folk—sixty, sixty-five percent?—, a/k/a African-Americans, Nice Negro OBAs, also NOBAs (be aware of how much they are on the move!) are currently (2023-24) enjoying significant (astonishing even!) progress, material success, the American Dream.

Excepting in perhaps tech, Black folk are much in evidence in American corridors of influence, power, ownership. Punching far higher it would seem than 12-13 percent population would indicate. (9-10 percent if bottom 20 percent [punching high in crime/mayhem category!] is subtracted.)

Of course, obviously, Blacks (including those who via luck, pluck, athletic talent, etc. escape benighted urban and poor rural backgrounds [many of whom stumble later on when they can’t handle their new wealth circumstances—domestic abuse, gun possession, other criminal missteps their backgrounds prime them for]) are predominant, high profile, paid multi-millions of dollars in professional sports save for hockey, and, following semi-retirement of Tiger Woods (himself subject to widely publicized failings), greatest of all in the sport, golf. Now including NFL quarterbacks, a position long argued to be beyond the mental capability of Blacks (Gimme an effing break!), and more and more head and assistant coaches; and even general managers and owners and part owners of major league teams.

[Comment: Wolf deplores occasional under-educated mangling of syntax and grammar by a few Black athletes-turned-spokespersons. (E.g., “He be runnin…”) Otherwise YEA FOR US! Oh. Such as Steph Curry, Patrick Mahomes, Damian Lillard (surely short-lived), shouldn’t tarnish hero images with poor TV acting. They don’t need the money. As for the BLING thing… Well…]


In television shows and movies Blacks are omnipresent. We host our own shows, including news outlets. There seems no such thing, even on right-wing FOX News, as a panel of experts without Black participation, often more than one. Expert panels are often hosted by Blacks.

Blacks are professors at, presidents of major previously White-dominated colleges and universities (including till recently Harvard!). We are CEOs of major mostly White corporations. CEOs of successful Black-owned corporations.

Two of nine Supreme Court justices are Black! That’s over twenty percent. (Well. Perhaps one [whom the Wolf knew in law school!] is Black in color only.)


Black United States Senators have been few. There’ve been only three Black state governors. But there’s been a Black (NOBA!) POTUS (re-elected!). The current (NOBA!) Vice President is Black-ish. Current Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Hakeem Jefferies (NOBA? Probably.), is Black. As well as numerous other House members. Blacks in state legislatures are numerous. Not to mention Black mayors of cities large and small, Black superintendents of major school districts, and not just Black cops on most police forces, but Black police commissioners of major cities, both male and female.

[Comment: As noted in other Yowls (See, e.g., Of OBAs and NOBAs), Wolf doesn’t consider Barack Obama America’s “first Black president.” Moreover, “Barack? Hakeem? Kamala?” “Oboyumpopo” and the like… Parents, of course, are entitled to name children whatever they choose. There are the many from Africa, Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, elsewhere with lengthy, unpronounceable names. (Where are the Ellis Island folk who used to anglicize names?)

However, respecting names emanating in profusion from (lower class, undereducated, unsophisticated?) Black mamas (papas?) in lower-class hoods… Teen single moms inspired by little more than, “Oh! I think that sound so nice!”—e.g., “Montavarious,” “Damarean,” “Shashondra,” “Tatronika,” “Montanus” (Anus?!), “Chiquondra,” Chiquonitra,” “Demontrius,” and the like (Let’s not forget the “quans”—Daquan, Laquan, Taquan, etc)… That (highly amusing to The Wolf!) White, Black sportscasters are careful to learn pronunciation of before athletic contests and articulate with nary a smirk. (Along with unpronounceable African, Polynesian, Czechoslovakian, Russian, etc. names…)

Gimme an effin’ break! Such are NOT names that augur for success in a country still dominated by Whites and (thankfully!) Anglo-Saxon values! The child is condemned, literally, to months of his/her life spelling the name to others! Must teachers devote precious class time to mouthing such lengthy names?!

The (pretentious, ridiculous!) name will be acceptable to any exploiting athletic talent, or hire as security guard, fast food worker, wherever a person seeks employment requiring no suspicion of undereducation, lack of knowledge of civil niceties (Say, lawyer hoping to engage corporate clients or go before judges, juries), not to mention selection online by AI algorithms (!!!). But in general… “Laquondra,” “Trasheen?”]


As is said, “C’MON, MAN!” “C’MON WOMAN!”


America, supposedly, is a melting pot. Homogeneity of language and culture assists greatly in building national mutuality, solidarity. And we are losing that homogeneity (!!).

Thank goodness for still highly infectious free-to-be-what-your-talents-and-industry-enable-you-to-be American culture!! That prys second generation immigrants away from

parents’ foreign culture (Often un-American, contra-American!) E.g., female genital mutilation, patriarchal domination, East Indian caste system.]

It may be noted that Asian Americans—Chinese, Japanese—the so-called “model minority,” have long given their children traditional (Anglo-Saxon) first names. So as, better, to meld with the American mainstream.


Present-day White House press news spokesperson (NOBA—Haitian origin) and several Black cabinet officers are Black. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (oversees top-rank officers of all military branches!) is Black. The Secretary of Defense is Black. (And a Big, badass looking OBA dude!)


(Concerning?) Effect on White America:

Not surprising, foregoing Black success and high profile may suggest to many White Americans, MAGA and otherwise [Never mind education level. Over ninety percent of Americans are ignorant and ill-informed. E.g., most can’t tell you what century the Civil War occurred in or when America was founded. YOU are now less ignorant!], that Blacks are on the verge of takeover. That feared “browning of America”, “replacement” by “the Other” is well under way.


Truth Correction re Black Success/Influence! (Not likely known by Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc., and certainly Whites, especially MAGA Whites.):

The above foregoing ignores the salient fact that (non-Hispanic) Blacks are but 12-13 percent of overall U.S. population. (Hispanics are 19 percent, Whites 59 percent and still very much in control of most things [E.g., effectively, via private or corporate, 98 percent ownership of non-governmental land!! What?!], remainder Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders.)

That the fertility rate of (OBA) Nice Negroes (not NOBAs!) is lowest among American groups!

That children, according to studies (and common sense), growing up in two-parent homes are significantly advantaged, and 70 percent (!!) of Black children grow up in single-family homes. Far above the national average of 25 percent, and the rate for other groups.

That 20 percent or more (!!), one of every five Blacks (!!) lives below the federally designated poverty line. (15K per year earnings for individual, 20K for family of two, 30K for family of four.)

That in 2021 mean household income for Blacks was $48,000 (versus $72,000 for Whites, $84,000 for Asians, $54,000 for Hispanics).

That home ownership, long foundational in wealth building in America, is lower among Blacks than any other group.* (44% versus 65% for Americans overall, 73% for Whites, who, again, own 98% of non-governmental land.) That for all the visible seeming Black advance, Black home ownership increased less than a half percent [.04] in the last ten years!

*Ya-ya-ya! Partially owing to “red-lining” and long practice of discrimination in lending.


Wolf notes that he and his three children own houses, as did his ex and re-married wife, now deceased. But four of us ten (mature, college-educated) siblings do not. Nor quite a few of many other relatives.

That Whites (60 percent of population) own 84 percent of American wealth, while Blacks (13 percent of population) own only 4 percent!

That Black household family wealth is but an eighth that of White households!

[Comment: Perhaps Black women (heading a majority of Black households!), if they’d saved the considerable amounts of $$ spent disguising their natural hair in all manner of expensive, outlandish approximations of “White hair” (appropriation?!), they’d have had down payments to purchase homes years ago!!]


Remaining major shackle on Nice Negroes:

Successful Blacks described above… ALL OF THEM!—The seventy, seventy-five percent (??) of American Blacks above the poverty line, most hard-working, law-abiding—, are, of course, in the main (OBA or NOBA) Nice Negroes.

Because (Have you noticed?), isn’t a prerequisite, a common denominator of achieving success in America as a person of color being at least perceived as nice, certainly not angry?

Which inability to freely express legitimate anger, if one thinks about it, is a shackle not so different from iron shackles that bound slaves. A shackle on mind and behavior limiting freedom.



Factor of stifled Black ANGER:

Consider the most prominent example of Black success of all—POTUS Barack Obama. Quite a few Black Americans have run for POTUS, going back to escaped slave, prominent orator and champion of Black liberty Frederick Douglass in the 1860s. All before Obama, however, Jesse Jackson a recent example, represented other than the two major parties. Represented niche groups/causes seeking attention. (E.g., Communist Party, Workers’ Rights Party, farm workers, etc.) Presented themselves as (deserving of their causes!) strident, angry. And rallied few votes. Were protest campaigns.

Respecting Obama, could he ever seem when running to be other than upbeat, pleasing, non-threatening to a majority of Whites? His greatest moment of election peril was dissociatig from his pastor, who on occasion to his flock expressed righteous anger toward Whites and America.


Doubtless, numerous anger-outburst-worthy episodes arose during the Obama presidency—displeasure at persons who opposed him, his policies; who mocked, derided him both in public and private. The BIG TRUMP LIE and agitation re his place of birth. How would a White president have handled that? (He’d have all but punched Trump in the face!)

Doubtless in private Obama expressed anger. Likely called in subordinates, others to vent and express displeasure. Maybe called them on the carpet. In private!

Could he be seen by the public as angry? Risk being “angry nigger!?” Could he, as did Lyndon Johnson, loom physically over senators, others, as men typically do to one another, getting into their space, threatening with physical presence, even threat of bodily harm, letting them know that serious physical consequence might result from resistance, insubordination, intransigence?

Literally twist arms and minds.

Surely not. Not as White presidents can and have. Think Harry Truman, both Roosevelts, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses Grant, doubtless Washington, Jefferson, the Adames, even Lincoln.

Serious, raw ANGER, especially public display of same, of the sort occasionally admired when prominent White men do it, even prominent White women these days—White CEOs, a White female governor, often ordinary White citizens—is, largely, strictly off limits for persons of color seeking multi-racial traction.

If real anger were publicly displayed by any of the above-described Nice Negro Black achievers, occupants of positions of influence and power, it would bring immediate adverse consequence.

[Note! Vernon Jordan, Clinton buddy/consiglieri, was an exception. He could and did vent anger. (He could look angry!) Without consequence only owing to Clinton’s patronage.]

Given daily, lifelong slights, abuses—DWB traffic stops, being followed in stores, suspicious looks from Whites and others, name-calling—ANGER IS HARBORED BY MOST BLACK AMERICANS! Gnawing at physical and mental health! Impeding, impairing full participation, full performance.


Unless blindly naïve, unusually buoyant by nature, growing up with constant irritations attendant to Blackness in America must generate a measure of ANGER. ANGER that festers and degrades, creates hesitancy, self-doubt, self-loathing sometimes. And seeks expression.

Which must be concealed. Ask television luminary Don Lemon, Jim Brown the great NFL star, track stars who raised fists on the awards platform at the Mexico Olympics, the many one-strike-you’re-out Blacks who appear in a criminal court. (As opposed to multiple chances given young White offenders.)

[NOTE: An advantage NOBAs have (one of many!) is relative (if not complete) lack of Black ANGER. Not that they don’t experience Blackness-related slights, doubts, hassles. But they are buttressed by greater cultural pride. More sense of inner worth, enabling ability to give more of a pass to White slights. (E.g., “Hey. It be racist America, mon.”) Speak with an accent—King’s English of course!—they’re often literally given a pass. “Oh. Not one of THEM!” (See discussion immediately following.) They knew about White prejudice, discrimination, dominance coming to this country. Expected it. Expect it. Ignore it. Their lives are better than where they came from!]

[NOTE: Idea! Long ago as a prosecutor Wolf had the idea—highly viable; save a ton of taxpayer money!—of instead of warehousing wayward, super angry and intractable Not Nice (NN) Negro youth (ghetto teens) in jails and prisons, send them overseas to farms in Eastern Europe and former Russian satellite states (Slovakia, Uzbekistan, etc.); rice paddies in Vietnam and the Far East; Africa or South America (but preferably where poor Whites toil); far from urban centers. (Excepting India. Let ‘em spend time in those cities.) Pay poor, scratch-out-a-meager-living farmers to board them, make them work for six months.

They’d quickly be disabused of at least a measure of ANGER—that stemming from the ignorant, fallacious, but widespread notion that ALL Whites (in the world) have it good, have advantage that can’t be overcome (therefor no use trying).

Airfare, payment to poor farmer families?… Cheap!

Surely, wayward (Black) teens would bow, kiss the ground upon return to the US. Go forward with fresh perspective, a positively changed attitude.]


ANGER cont.:

Persons of color know better than to express too much public ANGER. This suppression, inner ANGER, gnaws, contributes to high blood pressure, shorter life span.


So, for all the Black achievement suggested in the foregoing, BLACK AMERICANS IN GENERAL ARE YET FAR FROM FREE! Far from enjoying (anger and other) privilege enjoyed by Whites.



Example of Wolf point. MSNBC’s Morning Joe (8/8/23):

Tyler Merritt, middle-aged, very black (as in skin color) Black man with greying dreads, an actor apparently, and an author (I Wake Up and Drink My Coffee Black or some such) comes on. Who very much wants others—Whites!—not to fear him on account of his appearance. (It may be noted he is six foot two and burly.)

Mr. Merritt laments that if it required him “traveling around the Earth” or some such in order to allay (Whites) fear of him, he’d gladly do it. (Hmm. Let’s not overly abase ourselves.)

Amusingly, Merritt was paired with Reverend Al (Sharpton), whom The Wolf respects as rabble rouser, shaker of the White Money Tree, but … No matter. Carry on, Reverend Al.

Mr. Merritt relayed how on an occasion Walking While Black (with dreads and hoodie), predictably he frightened an older White lady into clutching her purse, hurriedly rolling up her car window… The usual.


And to Mr. Merritt The Wolf says, “Dude! Awake from your dreamland!”

So long as you have black or brown skin and dreadlocks to boot, no matter they are greying, and a not insubstantial number of young urban feral Black youth, female as well as male, invade city downtowns up to mischief, fire bullets into Black neighborhood gatherings, and generally maraud and menace Black city neighborhoods; and, moreover—the ex-thugs and thug-wannabes who make it as rappers, such as Jay-Z (Yeah. THAT Jay-Z!), Lil Wayne, Young Thug, The Weekend… The Whatever… etc., etc.—swagger out with pants-down-the-ass, flashing gang signs on national television shows, and the crude, hateful, misogynist lyrics of rap hip-hop are celebrated even in national television commercials—because Bad-ass sells product!…

Ain’t no surprise White folk AND some Black folk!… AND ALL OTHER KIND OF FOLK!…

Are going to react negatively to your Skin Color Association. Including Black cops who might pull you over.


Abject failure of NN leadership re Black bottom twenty percent (BBTP)—zilch?:

From the standpoint of Nice Negro Cultural Imprint imposed, stamped upon on and positively influencing those left behind in ghetto hoods, there has been none The Wolf can discern.

All Nice Negroes have to offer is their example at a distance. Which to the Angry, disaffected, checked-out, hopeless Black underclass, especially the young and criminally inclined, looks much like (and is!) aping of (nice) White behavior.


At best, so far as the BBTP is concerned, Nice Negroes are mere (pathetic?) reflections of Nice Whites, mimicking behavior and values the BBTP tends to reject, ignore, deem out of reach, certainly fail to imbibe. For example, doing homework in school and speaking proper (King’s) English. Both decried, ridiculed as “acting White.”

Those who do “act White,” a/k/a prepare for success—which immigrant children in low-performing urban ghetto schools do, winning scholarships to college (!!)—, are belittled, harassed, often beaten up.

In that many BBTP children typically lack the example of an adult getting up, going to work or other activity at specific times, BBTP children often arrive at kindergarten with no sense of time (!!). (E.g., time for recess, naptime.) They often (always?) aren’t read to. (Do the parents read?) They’re parked in front of the television/other screen babysitter all day.

They don’t know what is meant when instructed to “form a line.”

Not to mention characteristic physical abuse in home and (observed) outside it—code o da hood!— fostering aggression in them that too often finds expression in even elementary school.

E.g. In 2022 in Wicomico County public schools (eastern shore of Maryland), children were apparently handcuffed and sent to the ER “at least 117 times” per sheriff records. “At least 40% were 12 or younger. More than half were Black children, even though little more than a third of Wicomico public school children are Black.

[Yes, yes. Black children are more readily singled out when aggressive or disruptive, given fewer chances, law enforcement is more readily summoned. But, as noted previously, 70 percent of Black children are raised in single parent households (!!). Owing to environment, greater use of physical discipline (often abusive), failure of parents—sole teen mom, under-educated, unaware parent?—to timely recognize, seek redress for learning/behavioral problems, BBTP children often ARE more aggressive.]


Wolf recently watched a Bill Maher (Real Time) montage of school children attacking teachers—including the six-year-old in South Carolina who shot his teacher, then remarked, “I shot the bitch!”

ALL were Black!

A Wolf brother recently substitute taught in a Carson, California, junior high school. ($287/day!) All Black/Hispanic students. In breaking up one of daily fights, he apparently grabbed a (female) student too roughly. And was let go. (The mother of the girl who was “getting her ass kicked” later thanked him for interceding.)

NO! Nothing of the Nice Negro example—no identifiable cultural stamp/impress—seems to have filtered down/back to benighted communities left behind. Nice Negro strata, for all its Negro improvement notions, preachings of such as Booker T. Washington, W.E.B Dubois, William Cosby, countless preachers, teachers, has failed to make an appreciable impress on today’s stubbornly problematic lower twenty percent.


Whatever positive effect might have been has been greatly overshadowed by…

Black cultural imprint; problematic effect of rap-hip-hop

Current, pervasive, much-celebrated, highly problematic BBTP cultural stamp:

In the last fifty years (50tieth anniversary currently celebrated in television galas, etc.), atop influence of alcohol, drugs, crime, incarceration, environmental decay, lack of opportunity and public education not availed of (!!), a pervasive cultural stamp has arisen, rooted, taken hold in benighted ghetto urban Black communities. Indeed! Not just in those communities, not just in the larger American community, Nice Negro, White, other, but WORLDWIDE!

A powerful cultural stamp!


It may be noted, should one think about it…

Negro/Colored/Black/African-American distinct cultural stamp/influence has always arisen from the lower Black echelon. (Reflecting that segment’s long suffering, despair, sullen ANGER, resistance to Acting White.)

Think early song/dance from Mother Africa, mournful slave hymns, gospel, ragtime, minstrelsy, blues, Jazz, R & B.

And now vile “Nigga dis, nigga dat!…”, “Fuck da bitch…!”, “Cap da mothahfucka in he ass!…”



To reiterate, uniquely Nice Negro cultural imprint has from slave times been stifled, thwarted by (understandable?) pursuit, aping of White culture and practice. E.g., dress, manners, familiarity with opera and “classical music,” eventually debutante balls and such.

And here it should be noted that not a few free, prosperous Blacks (also Native Americans) owned Black slaves (!!). Owning a slave was simply Something A Person Did if he/she had sufficient means. So, Wokies, get over Founding Fathers owning slaves, therefore their statues should come down.

Wanna tear Lincoln’s statue down?… I wanna punch you in your ignorant present-epoch-thinking-self-centered effing face!

At one point even a freed slave who prospered might acquire a slave!


Nice Negroes have typically, initially eschewed above-noted cultural forms emanating from supposed benighted Black masses. Until such forms were embraced, extolled by White culture!

Think most recently of White teens, indeed teens worldwide, and Nice Negro teens and some of their parents embracing Rap-Hip-Hop.


Worldwide spread of rap-hip-hop (and corporate complicity):

In urban capitals, towns, small hamlets from California to New York, Toronto to Mexico City and Buenos Aries, Stockholm and London to Cape Town, Moscow and Ankara to Mumbai, Beijing, Tokyo and elsewhere, infectious, appeal-to-youth-especially-young-males, so-called “urban poetry” known as rap-hip-hop, its lyrics advocating misogyny, thug-gangsterism, anti-authority behavior, general badassery, is blared from automobiles, on streetcorners, in bedrooms and elsewhere.

Kids and young men (predominantly), but not a few girls and young women, prance about flashing gang signs, mimicking (badass, thug-gangsta imitating) rappers.


On American television award shows and galas, tatted (mostly Black, seeming straight from da hood, but usually not) rappers with wild hairdos and pants hanging down they asses, galump back and forth flashing gangs signs, spewing unintelligible slightly cleaned up gibberish, before returning home… To garishly outfitted rap-music-afforded mansions in gated suburbs?

All hugely amped by corporate sponsorship!

Corporations have now long recognized that badassery and cool sells product! Think clothing, automobiles, etc. marketed to a backdrop of rap wording/imagery purportedly conveying BE COOL! BE-A-BADASSS!


Teen White boy/girl badass-wannabe pretenders (“Wiggers”), also Nice Negro teens, counterparts of all colors on all continents all over the globe thrill to angst, discomfort, anger of parents/elders generated by blaring Black American and homegrown rap, wearing pants low on their butts, flashing gang signs, prancing about.

However, these, counterpart worldwide badass pretenders go no further than pretense! They go to school, do schoolwork. They shuck rap garb, go to jobs. (Often in high tech corporations.)

Rap-hip-hop is but a sometime guise, a temporary flirtation with badassery, a mere harmless pretense of criminality, misogyny, rebellion, giving the finger to authority.


Positive effect of rap-hip-hop on youth:

Effects of rap-hip-hop (R-H-H) are apparently not all bad. For instance…

Brain scans indicate R-H-H “is able to hack into the brain’s most creative spaces and alter our emotions.” “Rapping engages a number of different regions of the brain, including those responsible for language, memory, and creativity.” Research finds that “hip-hop can be used to teach critical thinking skills, critical literacy, media literacy skills, STEM skills, critical consciousness and more. It can reduce depression and anxiety, improve emotional expression, expand communication and interpersonal skills, and potentially lift one’s self-esteem.” Children and adolescents often “use music to explore their identity and discover how they fit in.” Rap is supposedly “an excellent medium for engaging and helping individuals understand their psychological problems and for finding ways to improve their conditions.” But…

Negative effect:

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (2019), rap lyrics glorifying criminal activity and degrading women contribute to [Black] youth suicide and violence. Inappropriate sexual content in rap lyrics influences and contributes to [all] teens taking part in drugs and alcohol.

Rap-hip-hop is often cited as the cause of the increase in violence within communities. Particularly true among black youth, as “they think it is cool to act out what is said in lyrics.”

When all other variables are controlled, listening to rap music is significantly and positively associated with problematic alcohol use, illicit drug use, and aggressive behaviors (2016).


Negative effect on American Black urban (ghetto) youth (Simple common sense!):

For young (and also older) angry, under-educated urban ghetto Blacks, heavily influenced by surrounding culture of hopelessness, violence, criminality, drugs, habituation to incarceration, and their ANGER; coupled with lure of easy money, bling, sense of respect/satisfaction gained by engaging in the criminal, anti-social behavior advocated by rap doubtless has appeal.

These misguided folk—Rarely Nice (NN) Negroes!!—literally act out anti-social dictates of rap! Not just in desolate urban hoods (menacing, assaulting, killing mostly Black, law-abiding neighbors, as well as fellow miscreants), but more and more taking ire (ANGER!) and thug-gangsta attitude to outlying suburbs. (E.g., young Blacks in Hyundai cars [apparently stolen/car-jacked] who beat up a White man sitting outside a Youngstown, Ohio convenience store.)

Also formerly safe, respectable big city downtowns. E.g., Chicago not long ago, Philadelphia more recently, Los Angeles, San Francisco.


Young, feral perpetrators of these invasions—hordes of Black youth, male and female, festively congregating, apparently coordinated on social media—, the one in Philly to coincide with a legitimate Black protest of police violence, seeming oblivious to authority, trash smash and grab in downtown stores. Truly ugly scenes, concerning which news reporters loathe—George Floyd effect!—to use words suggesting “Black,” but videos make all obvious.*

* Even Trumpists. so-called “White nationalists”—Many fearful, under-educated folk wanting to preserve hegemony, favored position once taken for granted. Hegemony and favored position being what ALL groups in ALL nations throughout history want!! (Denigrating, going after those currently having such being the obvious, tried/tested path forward for groups lacking hegemony, privilege [!!]. Read history!!)—dare not apply “Black” to outrages being committed by rap-inspired, increasingly emboldened (by the silence!) feral, urban youth.

FOX News just shows the videos.


George Floyd Effect* (More good news for Nice Negroes! Adverse political effect?):

*George Floyd effect: It is clear that post George Floyd [low level criminal who didn’t deserve to be killed, but likely did try to pass a counterfeit $20 bill!] and vociferous, widespread (worldwide!) “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) protest of his killing, supported by numerous Whites—troublesome if sometimes beneficial power of ubiquitous video and internet social media at work!—any critique of Black folk, even mention of Black folk in relation to crime (where Black folk in America, even beyond propensity of police to target Blacks, are hugely disproportionately represented respecting violent crime—30% overall! 58% against other Blacks!!) has become verboten (forbidden). Lest one be accused of racism, shunned, canceled.

Moreover, prospects for Black advance in White America were boosted considerably.

CNBC in June of 2023 reported that 41 percent of companies increased representation of Black executives on senior leadership teams since 2020. Some 74 percent of Black executives said they saw positive change in hiring, retention, and promotion of Black employees since the George Floyd episode and aftermath.

News outlets have reported that 94 percent of over 300,000 jobs added by Standard and Poor companies since Floyd/BLM went to persons of color (!!)—40 percent to Hispanics, 23 percent to Blacks, 22 percent to Asians, 8 percent to “other races”, only 6 percent to Whites.

Some outlets termed this “marginalization of Whites.”

[Comment. Good-good-good for Black folk! (No matter BLM leadership seems to have been corrupted by the $$ that rolled in.) But now expect resentment, backlash. Also more fueling of Trump and the Maga phenomenon? Rollback of affirmative action is one indicator. So is dismantling, disavowing of DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) programs, more and more seen (and revealed?) as ineffective, annoying scams perpetrated on companies and campuses by well-intended White progressives and Blacks they seek to empower. Google criticism of anti-racism. See, e.g. re recent ouster of Black president of Harvard University:


And anti-DEI comments of “world’s richest man,” innovator, originally a South African (!!) Elon Musk:



Who is to be feared?:

Query: See a group of junior high youth coming down the street (as Wolf does most weekdays on his block. Middle-class youth!). One group Asian, another White, the third Black…

Are YOU more wary of one group than the others?

Of course! As The Wolf is!… The group of Black youth, typically horsing around, not mindful of property, emboldened these days by a sense of…

Entitlement since George Floyd?… Lax discipline in homes these days as oh-so-precious children are coddled, raised by constant video screens that babysit, advertise…


Here’s what studies show: (Vice article by Eloise Hendy reported in The Week. [The latter magazine an excellent source of U.S., world news!])

A generation of kids has had ‘screens shoved in their faces since birth’… and they’re growing up ‘defined and utterly subsumed by the digital world.’… Using screens as pacifiers denies toddlers the opportunity to learn how to cope with boredom, frustration, and other difficult feelings…’IPAD kids’ have become ‘a different species,’ adept at navigating the digital world but hopeless at impulse control… prone to angry demands and tantrums.’

Add in Black urban ghetto physical abuse, Anger of circumstance, rough culture of The Hood, vile thug messages of rap-hip-hop, and…

Little wonder feral bands of urban ghetto teen Black youth are marauding, literally pillaging without scant restraint, preying upon not just neighbors and local business, but urban centers, even suburbs to which Whites, Nice Negroes, and others have fled precisely such threat.

Black urban teens are forcing flight of brand name stores from urban centers!


Damaging, endangering effect for ALL Negroes (including, especially, Nice Negroes):

Query: What, boding ill and danger for ALL Negroes, do feral, ANGRY, marauding Black urban teens and Nice Negroes (ALL Negroes) have in common?

Skin color! Distinctive badge far more obvious in this present time of war in Israel and Gaza, than such indicia as yarmulkes identifying Jews, keffiyeh scarves identifying Palestinians.

Which, given the passions, can now get these folk in trouble in America.


And (at the risk of beating a dead horse) NO ONE!, NO BLACK LEADERS (Nor, of course, White leaders) CALL ATTENTION TO THIS PROBLEM needing condemnation, immediate correction!

Not television news folk! Not mayors or elected officials! (Maxine Waters, James Clyburn, Rev. Raphael Warnock?) Not sports notables! (Lebron, Stephen?) Not entertainers! (Beyonce and onetime hoodlum husband Jay-Z?) Barack? Michelle? Oprah?

Not big mouth Black commentators! E.g., Stephen A. Smith, who regularly castigates “idiots,” including of late Congressional leaders.

Al Sharpton? Benjamin Crump? (Always present seeking a windfall of taxpayer $$ when a Black gets abused by police.)


Reasons Black Leaders hold back criticizing behavior that so negatively impacts ALL Black folk (Not merely lack of cojones, lack of common sense… But…):

George Floyd, BLM effect has been noted.

Nice Negro guilt? Re success and abject failure these past fifty years and more to even partially remediate dismal circumstances of the twenty percent of Blacks under the poverty line!

Wokeness?… Kool-Aid from the (political) Left of don’t criticize behavior of any perceived as somehow downtrodden? Don’t kick a man/woman when down? Don’t dwell on or criticize the historical fact, for example, that Black Africans were the enslavers who sold OBA and Black Caribbean/Central American/South American ancestors to Arabs and other Blacks, who sold them to Whites who brought them to the Americas!



Perhaps White folk nonsense that misguides Black American parents into coddling misbehavior in children. (See early Wolf Yowl re Black NFL running back Adrian Peterson, pilloried for using a switch [okay, maybe a stick] on his son, same as his daddy to good effect did on him.)


Silence stops here!:




No, no! Not innocent or to be presumed innocent! (If you have a problem with prejudgment of guilt, see facts just below the faces. Also, recent Wolf [once a prosecutor!] Yowl re widespread (even among lawyers) misinterpretation of “presumption of innocence.”)


Three men arrested after jugging in south Austin


Dimarkus, Darrian, Darrell (Yep. Their names.) “Jugging” means observing/robbing someone who’s just made a bank or ATM withdrawal. D, D, and D, all with extensive criminal backgrounds, were videotaped, followed by police. Caught in the act!


Here’s another (cuz Not Nice Black women have the same ANGER and seeming sense of entitlement [sense of reparations due?])

Yikes! This badass-looking gal in Florida accidentally (purposefully?) put her wine bottle with groceries of a couple in front of her in Florida. Which were charged to the couple. When the clerk refunded the couple’s money and asked for payment by the above woman, this woman stated to the couple, “Why don’t you pay for my wine?” Then started an argument, ending with her hitting the male member of the couple and knocking him unconscious. (Story courtesy of—you guessed it!—FOX News.)


Post George Floyd and HEFTY IMPACT of BLM protests, assisted/intimidated by Progressive Wokeist Leftist censorship, White (and other) criticism and protest of untoward (outrageous!) urban Black youth behavior has been utterly cowed.


Typical comments re criminal activity by ghetto blacks when racial identity is withheld:

There is a distinct lack of diversity in the kind of people who are committing these crimes.”

Another caper committed by, let me guess, an Amish posse.”

The usual suspects”

I can solve the puzzle [of whodunit].”


Could be what MAGAs, so-called White supremacists long for is not White predominance, Black subordination, but, plain as day, merely an orderly, reasonably safe society. (In pursuit of which they also advocate ridiculous “gun freedom.” Far beyond any freedom to tote guns existing in America in the “good old days!”)

(See recent Yowl re nonsense of Second Amendment right to bear arms.)


To hell with woke correctness, fear of Tomism!:

[Reference to ingratiating behavior of “house Negro” Tom in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the wildly popular pre-Civil War novel by (abolitionist) Harriott Beecher Stowe.]


Even Democracy, so long as we remain silent.

Failure by us to call out Bad Black Behavior drives Whites, Hispanics, Asians and others, including Blacks, into the embrace of (Trumpist) authoritarianism.


Wolf, of course, doesn’t mind ruffling feathers, feelings. Will tell it like it is.

Although only 11-to-12 (14?) percent of the population, 26 percent of all adults arrested in 2019 in America were Black, 52 percent of adults arrested for murder (!!). 33 percent of violent crime victims in 2022 were Black.

[Ya-ya-ya! It may be, likely is that police come down harder on Blacks, blah blah. No denying, however, that young, Not-so-Nice Negroes, mostly male, also female, vast majority from benighted urban hoods, greatly influenced by rap-hip-hop glorification of thuggery and examples of criminal behavior all around as they grow up, are dangerous and commit a vastly disproportionate amount of crime.]

Even middle-class Black youth harbor ANGER much discussed in Wolf Yowls. Coupled with permissiveness on the part of parents, general lack of respect for elders in America.


Impact of television (Hollywood produced) post-racial vision of America

Help/Hindrance? Recent Hollywood Cultural Imprint—Vision of a post-racial America:

Hollywood has a history of nudging, prodding, pushing a liberal, progressive agenda on America. Mostly a good thing. Given significant, even colossal impact/influence of movies and television, such push has been very effective. Witness eventual acceptance of first gay rights—men kissing, women kissing in movies—, then gay marriage, then broader LBGTQ rights.

And, most recently, virtually every commercial for the past 4-5 years(!!), an inclusive post-racial Black, White, more recently Hispanics and Asians appearing, non-racial America.

The browned, “replacement” America MAGA America fears, abhors.


Have you noticed in recent years that virtually every television commercial features happy, smiling, seeming well-off, next-door neighbor, buddy-at-hip-urban-bistro (Nice Negro) Black folk? Again, more recently and similarly Asians, Hispanics?!

Based on television commercial representation—NOTE! MAGAs, including Trump, watch A LOT OF TV!—, one would never know that Blacks represent just 13-14 percent of the population. That Whites remain dominant in wealth and power. (Whites ain’t replaced! Not yet.)

If ignorant, as most Americans are (E.g., not knowing what century the Civil War occurred in or the three branches of federal government! Do you?), one would think Black numbers approach White numbers, that “browning of America” and “replacement” is indeed upon us.


Blacks are not just in commercials, but, as noted, all of them (!!) are smiling, seeming prosperous, non-threatening (non-angry!) folk. Nice Negroes indeed! Young, old, in between, in nice houses in nice suburbs barbecuing with White neighbors (Really?); in hip urban bistros, quaffing beer and cocktails with fellow urban hipsters of all races.

Smiling, prosperous Blacks, not just happily engaging with Whites and other ethnicities, hiking in woods and mountains, skiing, swimming, vacationing in exotic places, driving sleek vehicles of all types, older mixed-race couples advertising retirement products,… And interracial couples doing so.


Mixed-racial America!

With mixed-racial children!

How are MAGAS liking that?


Wolf has observed White grandparents with mixed-race grandchildren. A smiling Black senior man with two similar aged White buddies fly-fishing in an idyllic western stream. What?!

A smiling White father escorting his White daughter up the church aisle amid a mixed-race congregation to a waiting (dark) brown groom with his dark-brown homey groomsmen!!! WTF?!

Are you effing kidding?!

Not an angry Black in sight! Virtually every commercial!



Creating the impression that Blacks are not only fully participant in a non-racial society—Foregoing denoting of hi-profile Blacks athletes and politicians but buttresses this impression—, but a society moving toward racial melding of color. (Toward folk looking like The Wolf!).

That the American black population, prosperous and happy, exists in numbers far exceeding 13-14 percent!

Which impression has doubtless been made on all Americans (Welcomed by many?… Hmm.), but especially on the segment that watches a lot of TV.

Meaning lower income, less educated Americans! Bottom twenty percenters of Blacks and Hispanics. Whites inclined toward Trumpism (!!)

MAGA America!


Effect on MAGA America:

Doubtless confirms their worst fears. Namely, that they are being “replaced.” That “browning of America” has occurred.

They don’t know that non-Hispanic Whites still constitute sixty percent of population. That other than threat of crime by Black youth should they venture into the inner city, Blacks so far constitute only the appearance of threat to their sway. (White superrich and wealth disparity are far more of a threat. Which they seem to get, but probably feel powerless against.)

They’re merely afraid, threatened, driven into the arms of a would-be autocrat who will save or resurrect their hegemony and privilege (while somehow bettering their precarious economic situation).


Effect on bottom twenty percent of Blacks:

One would hope that seeing so many Blacks happy and doing well would be inspirational to Blacks at the bottom rung of the ladder. But the following anecdote suggests not. Not sufficient to overcome already debilitated emotions, energies, prospects of older bottom twenty percent Blacks. Nor anti-social impulses of angry, entitled younger Blacks steeped in rap music and an upbringing unconducive to conventional success.

A Wolf sister is an artist come belatedly to the teaching profession at a mostly Black Newark, New Jersey inner-city high school. (Summa cum laude BA degree age 56!) Funded for a time by a Black multi-millionaire family friend, she’d take some of her more ambitious students by bus to tours of HBCU and other colleges. On one such tour, as the bus rolled through a suburb and a White father and son were seen playing catch in a yard, one of the students remarked, “I [sic] seen that on television, but never believed it was real.”

Sad reminder of loss of the close example of Nice Negroes doing what middle class folk do.


In sum, in conclusion (Yeah. Finally!):

This observer sees scant positive occurring for the bottom twenty percent of Blacks from Hollywood’s doubtless well-intentioned misrepresentation of fact.

Indeed, assuredly a negative political effect.

Especially so, so long as Black (and White) leadership—and ALL Nice Negroes!—persist in not calling out Not Nice Negro bad behavior.

And, lest Wolf be accused of offering criticism with no solution…

Reader is once again referred to earlier Yowl re SOLUTION for at least some in the Black bottom twenty percent—Snapshot = pairing with successful immigrants, especially those who were themselves once in Black urban ghettoes and inferior schools, incentivize (pay!) both sides to meet paid to meet weekly, and participating Black families to also meet in their home communities, and…


* * *

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