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MIA! Nice Negro Outrage Re Not-Nice Negro Outrageousness

(The State of Black America as 2024 Begins. Observations, Commentary.)

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Second Amendment Doesn’t Entitle Ordinary Citizens to Military Weaponry!

Why the Supreme Court is wrong


Second Amendment to the United States Constitution states:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Note! Subject—”right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”—is properly informed, guided in interpretation by its predicate—”A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.”

“State” means the state at the time—one of the thirteen original colonies.


A couple obvious definitions. Always (as some seemingly have not been) mindful of context in which ALL must be interpreted. Namely, fledgling late eighteenth-century America, not yet a nation in mind or actuality, not yet the “United States of America,” but a time when thirteen independent, self-governing colonies, each jealous of its territory and welfare, wary of motives and behavior of competing colonies, was its own sovereign state.

free State,” made mention of in the Second Amendment, refers not to the aborning nation, the United States or States as a collective, but to each individual State-Colony (!!).


Militia” referred to in the Amendment means, therefore, militia of each of the thirteen colonies, then, now, herein deemed “states,” numbering fifty—Alaska to Wyoming.

People” referenced in the Amendment is corollary to aforementioned Militia and State(s). “People” is therefore those who would constitute militia of each state! It is the right of people who would coalesce (come together) to constitute militia of each state to bear arms, thus, “well-regulated” militia of each State that is sought to be protected (!!).

Not right of each individual citizen in general, member of militia or no, to bear arms!


The (overlooked) Common Sense Reason Why

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Pants Down the Ass vs Achieving The American Dream

[Note! Yowl completed this post during spring 2020 coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic dislocation. In various aspects it assumes/presumes pre-pandemic, near full-employment. Conditions hopefully will return to same or similar. If not, observations and solution posed still hold. However, under changed, more difficult circumstances.]

Pants Down the Ass
Achieving the American Dream

(Solution to the challenge of enabling pursuit of the American Dream by ANGRY urban Black youth [UBY] and their families)

(A Wolf Yowl)

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In leaders of nations, as well as families, honesty, fairness, wisdom, forthright brave, correct thinking is to be hoped for as plans are laid, decisions made, action commenced. Insofar as leaders are insecure, fearful, incompetent (the latter a factor in uncertainty and fear), in varying degrees plans, decisions, and actions fall short of ideal.

The topic of this Yowl is grievous outcome when those in positions of highest leadership—president and leadership of the United States—fall short in wisdom, honesty, particularly courage and bravery. 9/11 and its aftermath are the focus. The point made is that incompetence coupled with “wuss” is a formula for disaster in times of crisis.

It may be noted that courage and bravery is never mere reaction, however bold, bad-ass, admirable reaction may be or appear to be. Mere reaction—instinctive fight/flight—is the mode of beasts, not brave, courageous behavior.* Bravery and courage occurs only when there is awareness of danger, threat, one’s fear, and that fear is suppressed.

What transpires when fear cannot be overcome, when one lacks courage, bravery, and competence, when, in sum, one is a bumbling wuss, is explored in this Yowl.

When the leader and leadership group of the modern Free World are bumbling wusses, consequences are dire.

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“Check your privilege” is a phrase afoot today on some college campuses. It is directed at white males in particular. It is used to remind such men that they likely benefited from favorable experiences, perceptions, assumptions, presumptions growing up, which they are not fully cognizant of, and to which they have not given proper consideration. Moreover, they continue to benefit from same. It is meant to check and cow such (privileged) persons, lest they, in speech or action, suggest that others, less advantaged, are not only inferior, but at fault for this inferiority.

Recent psychological studies support this premise.*

This Yowl suggests that “check your privilege” might also be directed at an alpha class of American women—specifically Caucasian, well educated, professional-type, below the age of fifty, and, typically, not unattractive. Such women tend to exercise (fiercely), they are ambitious, they are all about self advancement and “leaning in.”** They are privileged and self assured. They are destined to be American leaders and influence arbiters.

Not that women should not be ambitious and take advantage of all opportunities. The Yowling Wolf is a feminist who wholeheartedly believes in advancement of women. His two grown, achieving daughters are proof.

However, attitude, belief, outlook count for much. This is particularly so when attitude, belief, and outlook is reflected in American leadership, and is problematic.

The Wolf has discerned a curious attitude/belief/outlook on the part of some, if not many, possibly even most of the women in question. It bespeaks an unrealistic, arrogant, even fantastic sense of entitlement. Ominously, it is redolent of an American brand of female entitlement, arrogance, imperiousness, and surreal behavior, evident in a particularly dark, unsavory chapter of the American past.

It is The Yowling Wolf’s view that unnoted, unexamined, unchecked, given the power and influence such women will wield, this attitude/belief/outlook has possible negative implications for American relations abroad and race relations at home. (History shows that the two are not unrelated.)

Manifestly, imperious arrogance and fantasy in domestic and foreign policy and planning cannot be a positive.

As is said, “from small acorns do large oak trees grow.”

The attitude/belief/outlook detected, examined, brought to light in this Yowl may be termed and characterized as a “Miss Scarlett” aspect. The contention is that a Miss Scarlett aspect is alive and well in an influential group of American women, and this augurs problematic going forward.

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Answer: By and large in color only, which is how/why he got elected. Hang with The Yowling Wolf.

First, context. The Yowling Wolf voted for Barack Obama—twice. The Wolf went door-to-door for Barack Obama in suburban (white) neighborhoods having to explain that anti-white pastor thing.

The Yowling Wolf was thrilled at Barack Obama’s election. Wolf recalls having breakfast at the Philly airport Sheraton the week after the victory. No other black folk were sitting at tables. Black folk were doing the serving. However, they had a noticeable bounce in their step.

Persons of color can thank Barack Obama for that lift. Yessir! In yo face, Whitey!

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YA-O-O-O-W-L! …

(American exceptionalism and misguided [W.] Bush, Obama-aided foreign policy)

A combination of two Greek words—demos (common people, people, the masses), and kratia (rule). Thus, rule by people. More specifically, rule by the common people or masses.

At even a tribal level it is rare that all persons will be allowed to vote. Rather, the demos (voting group) will be all adult males, all adults, or a variation, depending upon who or what is being voted on. Always there are age restrictions. Women are sometimes excluded altogether. Excepting in a family vote, and even then rarely, the demos is never everyone.

The Greek city state of Athens, hailed as the “cradle of democracy,” and later Rome, also a model for modern democracy, never for an instant conceived of all people, the complete masses voting. Women could not vote, nor children. Nor slaves, who vastly outnumbered Roman citizens. Ownership of property was often a voting prerequisite.

The ideal has always been that a thoughtful, informed, deserving demos make up the voting block. Which makes sense.

It did not occur to the Founding Fathers of the new nation of America, extolled to this day for their wisdom and foresight, to allow all adults to vote at the national level. Women were disenfranchised. So were non-property owning adult white males. Notoriously enshrined in the American Constitution, property-owning male African-American freemen were accorded but 2/3rds the vote of white males. Continue reading