A “yow” is an exclamation of pain, surprise, alarm, and the like. A “yowl” is a protracted, wailing, often mournful cry, as a howling dog or wolf might make. Indeed, a yowl is a howl.

The Yowling Wolf is a blog/discussion site that will yowl, howl, cry, fume, wail, fret, bitch, moan, and discourse about various topics—”yowls”—, hopefully in an interesting, informative, thought-provoking way.

The Yowling Wolf aims to CONFRONT BULLSHIT AND UNREALITY, as espoused by high, mighty, famous, infamous, and ordinary folk (and believed and promulgated by idiots and know-nothings). Liberals, centrists, and right-wing morons, foreign and domestic, will be fair game. There will be no sacred cows, no targets too high or low. All and sundry—men, women, products, especially ideas—may feel the sting and lash of The Yowling Wolf. Everything interesting is a fit object for criticism, goring, sometimes praise.

The Yowling Wolf fears nothing, no one. Bring on your fatwa, Muslim fanatics! The same to cultists, voodoo practitioners, and Tea Party idiots.

As noted,The Yowling Wolf will offer pieces—again, “yowls”—about a variety of topics. Some topics will involve current events—e.g., “Of Whupping, Fathers, The Lesson of the Bulls,” discussing the recent NFL Adrian Peterson “whupping” incident. Also [forthcoming], “The continuing Relevance of The Cos.”

Always the aim is to bring an original, challenging perspective. Indeed, topics themselves will sometimes be quite original—e.g., forthcoming “Entitled American Womanhood: Is Miss Scarlett Among Us?”

Always The Yowling Wolf wants to be hard-hitting and PROVOKE THINKING. Controversial issues will be front and center—e.g., “Is the ‘First Black President” Really Black?”; “Spread Democracy Abroad” Foolishness (American Exceptionalism and Misguided [W.] Bush and Obama-aided Foreign Policy).”

NOTE. The Yowling Wolf will not be an interactive discussion forum. There will be minimal back and forth. However, readers may offer comments and suggest topics for future Yowl consideration.

Behind The Yowling Wolf is a single person—older male—of diverse background.* This contributes, it is hoped, to a different perspective, yielding interesting Yowl topics, discussed in a thought-provoking way. More about who The Yowling Wolf—”Wolf”—is (and is not) will emerge via Yowls.

* The (Yowling) Wolf hails from a southern Black American and Caribbean (Jamaican) immigrant background. The Wolf appears interracial. Such appearance, however, is owing solely to white, slave-owning rapist forebears generations removed. (No White Folk in The Wolf’s background for four generations.) The Wolf has lived both in America and abroad. He is a parent and grandparent. He has lived in cities, towns, and suburbs, and in all regions of the United States. Most would regard The Wolf as well educated. The Wolf has long thought deeply about issues, himself, America, others. The Wolf knows America well, and has a different, unfiltered take on things.