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SNIPER (American or otherwise) = COWARD


SNIPER (American or otherwise) = COWARD!

The Yowling Wolf has yet to view the hugely successful (revenue wise) and in some circles acclaimed Clint Eastwood-directed movie, American Sniper. And The Wolf won’t—not in an expensive movie theatre. (With yahoo Tea-Party types whooping at every “rag head” blown to bits from a quarter mile distant?)

The Wolf will eventually watch the movie—on cable. However, no need to watch to know that descriptions such as “hero” are ridiculous, far-fetched, Americans-seeking-redemption-after-yet-another-foolish-lost-war, wishful thinking.

Not that a sniper is not a necessary, even valuable component of a fighting force. Not that a sniper cannot be commended for a (deadly, cowardly-but-necessary) job well done. Not that a sniper should not be respected as a member of our American military forces, a soldier, one who serves his (or her) country, etc.

However, HERO WRIT LARGE?, as in “HERO!,” as in SOMEONE TO BE ADMIRED in a ROLE TO BE ASPIRED TO BY YOUNG BOYS AND GIRLS?, apart from, yes, perhaps performing the occasional heroic service in the sense of saving a life, averting a disaster, killing one who deserved to die and who might otherwise not have? …


At best a sniper performs a cowardly, if necessary act. The role itself contradicts the very idea of “hero.” TO DEEM A SNIPER A HERO IS TO DEMEAN “HERO.” It demeans all who perform (truly) brave, self-sacrificing, noble acts.

The behavior of a sniper—covert, at a distance, scant risk to self—is diametrically at odds with the forthright bravery of a hero.


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