Pants Down the Ass vs Achieving The American Dream

[Note! Yowl completed this post during spring 2020 coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic dislocation. In various aspects it assumes/presumes pre-pandemic, near full-employment. Conditions hopefully will return to same or similar. If not, observations and solution posed still hold. However, under changed, more difficult circumstances.]

Pants Down the Ass
Achieving the American Dream

(Solution to the challenge of enabling pursuit of the American Dream by ANGRY urban Black youth [UBY] and their families)

(A Wolf Yowl)

The Yowling Wolf*


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Pants down the ass (PDA) ….. 4

The Problem ….. 5

Wolf qualification to discuss The Problem, opine as to solution ….. 5

Lay of the land (context) ….. 6

ANGER/attitude factor round one (and human nature) ….. 7

False view of American Black advance promoted by television ….. 8

Homing in on the topic ….. 9

The Problem cont. (recognition of, exacerbating factors, failure of efforts to date, etc.) …. 9

Removal of important finger in the dike ….. 10

Bad to worse ….. 11

Too little, too late ….. 11

Example of  The Problem up close ….. 12

An obvious conclusion ….. 13

Political Correctness factor (PC) ….. 13

Other facts, factors re The Problem ….. 15

Snapshot of underclass Black (OBA?)* family, core of The Problem ….. 15

Simple example of disadvantage “from the git” ….. 15

Obvious breadcrumb pointing to Solution ….. 16

What will not work ….. 16

Critical component of any solution—A family affair! ….. 17

Next component—role model of successful immigrant family ….. 17

Case in point, Wolf Jamaican antecedents ….. 18

Qualities, habits, beliefs, practices of immigrant families that ensure success ….. 18

Why immigrant example has not been meaningfully posed/addressed ….. 19

Problem of Black underclass, especially UBY, not envisioning the goal ….. 19

Versus ….. 20

Proposed Solution ….. 21

Broad sketch ….. 21

Phase I—Cost-effective shock therapy to address ANGER, broaden perspective ….. 21

Preparing the ground: background factors ….. 23

Revisit of ineffective Black urban underclass child-rearing values, thinking, behavior …. 23

Barack/Michelle Obama example squandered ….. 24

Why? ….. 24

Not that mere trumpeting of Barack/Michelle Obama values would have mattered. ….. 24

White privilege factor ….. 25

Phase II—Model on immigrant families! ….. 25

Wolf family example revisited ….. 26

More re background factors ….. 27

Current urban inner-city Black parenting under the microscope ….. 27

Failure of all past and present UBY remedial efforts (once again) ….. 27


By pairing urban at-risk UBY families with a suburban immigrant family! ….. 28

Carrot ….. 28

Stick ….. 29

ANGER factor once again ….. 29

Respecting UBY ….. 30

ANGER Solutions ….. 31

Education; recognition of ANGER legitimacy; reconciliation; catharsis ….. 31

Major problem factor needing addressing—Rap Hip Hop (RHH) ….. 31

Preliminary ….. 31

Toxic effect of RHH on UBY ….. 32

RHH influence in recent death (modern lynching) of Ahmaud Arbery ….. 33

Toxic (unaddressed!) RHH spillover effect on ALL Black Americans ….. 34

Awareness of problem of RHH effect (yes, but…) ….. 35

Failure (utter!) of Black “leadership” and all others to confront RHH’s toxic effect ….. 36

What is to be done to counter RHH influence? ….. 37

Continuation of, e.g., bad-ass-ness posturing. (Ever feasible/permissible for UBY?) ….. 38

Abandonment of “Blackness” required? ….. 38

Black hair factor ….. 39

SOLUTION Cont. ….. 40

What immersion-association with immigrant families will instruct ….. 40

Prospects for success ….. 42

Importance of herd effect and momentum ….. 42

The point of all of which foregoing (respecting herd effect, momentum, etc.) is? ….. 45

The foregoing to be brought about by… Implementation prescriptions/suggestions ….. 45

Preliminarily (re Program Enablers, Outreach Cadre) ….. 45

New kind of Outreach Cadre needed! ….. 45

Program details ….. 46

And then and only then! ….. 47

Community-meet sessions….. 47

Proof of success ….. 47

Conclusion ….. 48


Pants down the ass (PDA)

Refers to au currant fashion among young men, especially young urban Black youth (UBY), of wearing trousers not belted at the waist, but, purposefully, sagging/clinging to mid-butt and below, requiring constant hiking up to prevent falling down, preventing the wearer from running (should running be required) in other than an awkward, jumping shuffle.

The fashion derives from prison, wherein, lest such items be used as weapons or for suicidal purpose, inmates are denied belts/rope to hold trousers up,. In order that citations for lewdness for revelation of buttocks not be issued, an accommodating industry of underwear designed to be seen has emerged.


This Yowl is not about PDA in particular, nor why this prison-derived fashion has taken hold among young Black men of dubious prospect. (The Why is known. Attraction—duh-h!—is precisely outlaw, middle-finger-to-convention implication of prison origin/association, and offence to conventional sensibility.)

Rather, this Yowl explores whether, even at leisure in a time of low unemployment and opportunity for even urban youth, impoverished, ANGRY, inner-city young Black men—urban Black youth (UBY)—can afford PDA affectation and other misleading, misguided (ANGRY) tropes, memes, insignia of inner-city urban, rap-hip-hop (RHH) America, if ever they are to enter the mainstream of conventional American (Dream) success.


Not The Wolf’s habit to beat around the bush. The answer is “NO!”

A resounding “NO!”



The Problem

As this discussion involves many thousands of young Black men, framing the matter more pointedly: HOW TO DIVERT A GENERATION FROM A PATH LEADING TO POSSIBLE DEATH OR INCARCERATION (the latter faced by 1/3 of all Black American men!), TO ASPIRATION TO, INCLUSION IN A LIFE OF RELATIVE AMERICAN NORMALCY.

A question/problem of extreme complexity and difficulty! In this context referred to simply as “The Problem!”



Wolf qualification to discuss The Problem, opine as to solution

This point is raised not because it is deemed valid. It might be that someone thoughtful, creative, reasonably informed, observing, pondering The Problem from even a different country or era proposes a solution of merit. What matter the source? What counts is what makes sense, what logically holds promise of success meriting consideration, implementation.

The issue, however, may arise. Thus, we raise and get past it.


Suffice that The Wolf for decades has been interested in The Problem. The Wolf has decades of life experience in not-yet-beyond-racism America; knows from personal experience ANGER being Black in America can occasion; has known many of over 125 predominantly Black male court-referred youth from the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota inner city, who, over years, passed through his parents’ group and foster home on eleven rural acres outside Minneapolis and St. Paul (Twin Cities), MN—their nature, limited successes, somewhat unavoidable, family-generated setbacks, and ultimate (mostly) failures.

As may be judged/gleaned from the below-footnote-referenced OBA-NOBA Yowl,* The Wolf fully grasps reasons for underclass (OBA) Black family dysfunction. For example, there is America’s especially cruel, family and incentive-destroying brand of slavery, decades following of Black repression and disadvantage, institutional racism persisting until this day.

* Of OBAs and NOBAS, 2019

The Wolf has a better understanding of The Problem than most.


Also from the OBA-NOBA Yowl (insight to where this Yowl heads), respecting advantage of immigrants (incl. Black immigrants—NOBAs!), that have enabled them to succeed (despite racism!) where so many (mostly OBA) Blacks have fallen into persistent, seeming irremediable dysfunction, The Wolf has a clear vision of where UBY and their families need to get to.

Namely, qualities/characteristics integral to achieving conventional success in America!


Further explanation, genuflection to carping nitpick, etc. respecting Wolf qualifications are neither apposite nor relevant.

What counts is considered new ideas, new (out-of-the-box) thinking, a fresh approach!

Perhaps, finally, a Solution!

Whys/wherefores buttressing such thinking, approach, proposed solution will, of course, be explored.



Lay of the land (context)

Previous Yowls have made the point that RIGHT NOW (2020) IS THE BEST OF TIMES TO BE BLACK IN AMERICA!* Revanchist, White supremacist Trump has emboldened and fostered racism anew. However, such White-fear-stoked racism merely reflects the reality (and perceived threat) of an advancing non-White America. I.e., the many aspiring, achieving non-Whites (including not just Black professionals, corporate types, office holders at every level of government, and domination of wealthy, high-profile Black performers in entertainment and professional sports; but Asians in tech and other striving, high-profile persons of color) challenging White American hegemony/supremacy.

* See ( Of OBAs and NOBAS; Whites Aspiring to be Black; Deconstructing the Tangle/Tragedy of Black Lives Matter.

[Again. Post COVID-19 pandemic, doubtless needing revision.]


A simple, encouraging truth is that for the first time ever (!!!), full-employment American commerce needs even the teen dope dealer on an urban corner!!!

Such is the shortage of able-bodied labor to fill entry-level positions at McDonald’s, Burger King, countless other fast food joints and enterprises, that UBY—even ANGRY, unlettered (Black) dudes dealing dope on the corner—are needed as burger flippers, counter cleaners, etc.

At reasonable wages—$11 an hour to start and more!

[Note! Such jobs are where, historically, one in eight Americans learn middle-class entry skills and lessons (!!). E.g., 1—show up for work on time; 2—work diligently and competently (if only cleaning tables and counters and getting the dirt in corners when mopping floors); 3—take pride in a job well done; 4—find pride in membership in the larger entity of the enterprise in question; 5—take pride in taking home money lawfully, honestly earned (and that Uncle Sam gets a cut); 6—aspiration to move up the ladder to bigger and better goals, achieved by hard work and application; 7—that education and polish are needed (!!); 8—in the instance of UBY, hopefully diminution in corrosive ANGER driving inappropriate, destructive behavior.]

[Probably the pandemic renders the above no longer the case. But a Solution is still needed.]


But can UBY show up for even entry-level job interviews in pants-down-the-ass?

Perhaps. Certainly, however, they cannot show up for work in such. They surely cannot maintain an attitude of being outside the mainstream; of not caring about the future; of ANGER at the world and themselves that fuels wearing pants-down-the-ass.

And ANGER at Whites!



ANGER/attitude factor round one (and human nature)

Whites, yes, have abused and mistreated Blacks in Amerikkka forever. Whites enslaved Blacks in America for over 200 years. However, Blacks also enslaved Blacks, as did Native Americans (!!). Enslavement is what folks then did. Common practice. (Still is in various parts of the world, including and especially Africa.)

And, yes, practices, laws, etc. implemented by Whites post-slavery and for over 100 years deeply and unfairly disadvantaged freed Blacks and their progeny; and Black immigrants and other groups to come later. So-called “systemic racism”—e.g., discriminatory lending and hiring practices—continues to exist and impair Black prospects.

However, put three folk on a remote island of limited resources; indistinguishable, except two of the three have two eyes (or blue eyes or brown or black eyes), the third has three eyes…

The likelihood is the two who are similar will conspire to limit opportunity of the odd person out. Even kill him/her in order to better their own chances of prospering and surviving.

Taking unfair advantage is what folk in power seem always to do to secure/maintain power. Blacks do it; Asians do it; YOU (your family, clan, tribe, ethnic group) would likely do it.

It is the way of ALL Nature!—God’s plan, if you will. But is such a harsh Truth that supposedly improved, enlightened humans want to deny it.


For progress toward relative parity and the American Dream to occur, ANGER—toward Whites, toward America and The System, toward oneself (!!), toward… Must be curbed. Slights, real and imagined, have to be at least ignored.

Take a deep breath! Move forward; maintain eyes on the prize!

(Not that so-called “reparations” might not be part of a Solution. The Money Tree must be shaken wherever possible. One takes advantage where one can. But, preferably, within legal and moral boundaries.)



False view of American Black advance promoted by television

Far and away the most potent force extent promoting/shaping culture, thinking, and wealth of companies and individuals (e.g., athletes, entertainers), far more powerful than movies or any social media platform, is television, with its hundreds of channels, Netflix, Hulu, etc. streaming 24/7 on television, computer, telephone, and other screens.


In an interesting, possibly counterproductive development, anti-Trump pushback among uber-influential, liberal creative classes seems to mandate that near every current commercial seen on television feature attractive, smiling, successful persons of color. In commercial after commercial, well-dressed, smiling Blacks (including interracial couples; even White grandparents with apparent Black grandchildren [but not the reverse]) inhabit leafy, upscale suburbs, hip urban bistros, attractive travel destinations, commuter and vacation vehicles, etc.; engaged in happy harmony with accepting White neighbors, friends, lovers, spouses.

Which depiction of an imagined present and (post-Trumpist, post-coronavirus?) future, likely further stokes fear and discontent in Trumpist Whites, and, perhaps, and unfortunately, complacency respecting matters racial in many Whites and non-Whites. Thereby doing anti-racism causes and initiatives serious disservice?!

Because such idealized future for Americans Blacks, especially teeming thousands of UBY, remains far from being realized.


That, as a group, Black Americans are even within shouting distance of White (and Asian) economic, educational, or other measure of societal advance/parity defies harsh reality.

Reliable statistics indicate that barely a majority of Black Americans, if that, enjoy a middle-class, “American Dream” Good Life. Wealth of the average White family is estimated to be 10-20 times that of the average Black family!



Homing in on the topic

A primary reason for stark economic disparity between Black and White America is the sizable segment of Black Americans continuing to languish in poverty, family dysfunction, hopelessness, ANGER in deteriorated ghetto “hoods” in urban enclaves across America.

Respecting this Yowl’s subject—Whether choosing to don pants that sag down the ass is in any wise appropriate, if aspiring to and pursuing the “American Dream”—, it will be assumed that the goal/dream of a law-abiding life of relative comfort and safety, featuring a legitimate job, proper nurturing of children, etc. remains viable, valid.

Certainly, teeming millions in nations around the world desiring and sacrificing to emigrate to and live in the United States deem it so.



The Problem (recognition of, exacerbating factors, failure of efforts to date, etc.)

Stark disconnect between urban ghetto Black America and achieving the American Dream goes back to Black migration to American cities even before the Civil War. National focus on The Problem dates back to 1960’s NY senator (also historian, sociologist) Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s Report on the disintegration of the Black (American) Family.*

* (, wherein, inter alia, it is remarked, “the gap between the Negro and most other groups in American society is widening.” Further, “the collapse of the nuclear family in the black lower class would preserve the gap between possibilities for Negroes and other groups and favor other ethnic groups.”

Thereafter ensued much blah-blah and initiatives designed to address and remedy The Problem. All of which, as evidenced by current dismal state of the mostly urban, so-called “Black underclass,” have failed in any wise to stem the dire prediction of the Moynihan Report of a widening gap between the Black lower class and other American societal groups.


Raising the obvious question respecting such failure of remedy—WHY?



Removal of important finger in the dike

First, foremost respecting the why of failing remedial efforts (since the 1960s) is failure to replace the single most important ingredient that for decades acted as a somewhat finger in the dike, stemming an altogether predictable slide toward dysfunction and lack of success of a benighted, historically relentlessly-beaten-down group of people—literally (via occupying White police forces), systematically (via widespread, hugely disadvantaging discriminatory practice in hiring, lending, etc.); and in all manner of daily rebuff and denigration in interactions among hostile, surrounding Whites.

Namely, flight of hard-working middle, upper-middle, upper-class Blacks to leafy, safer, often suburban precincts, as soon as lifting of segregation-enforced residence among fellow more-benighted Black citizens was made possible by civil rights legislation in the 1960s.


For many decades, segregated housing practice in even northern cities forced Black businessmen, professionals, and the hard-working working-class, and their (normally intact) families to reside cheek-by-jowl among far more numerous, less-educated, less motivated and disciplined, often coarse, migrant-from-the-agrarian-south Blacks. Respecting the latter, possibly less persevering, turn-the-other-cheek, willing-to-ignore-racial-provocation Blacks.

However one may wish to categorize/rationalize the divide between Blacks making their way fitfully, but with some semblance of adhesion to and achievement of the American Dream, and the greater number who, quite understandably and predictably, faltered under the great weight and burden of unrelenting American Racism, and were relatively rudderless, loss of day-to-day moderating, instructing, inspirational presence of the former group, in particular those W.E.B. Dubois’ termed the (Black) “Talented Tenth”, was the proverbial final straw breaking the back of hopes and prospects of the large Black so-called underclass.



Bad to worse

Energized in their own right by heightened expectations prompted by civil rights gains of the early 1960s, only to be deeply disappointed; left behind by former community role models, whilst abused, insulted, held in check by an increasing, aggressive at-the-time-all-White occupying police force, the Black underclass in urban ghetto enclaves erupted in violence in the 1960s, destroying businesses owned by Black neighbors, former neighbors, and others that once sustained communities, driving out remaining stable elements who had not yet left.

At the same time, and/or not long afterward, alcohol and drugs poured into urban Black communities,* now more dysfunctional, now bereft of roles models and responsible leadership, fueling turf and gang warfare, and rise in crime and indiscriminate violence. Hard-working, law-abiding Black individuals and intact families who’d not yet left now had to save themselves.

*See, e.g.,, suggesting, but not proving CIA enabling or ignoring of 1990’s cocaine introduction in Los Angeles’ South-Central neighborhoods.



Too little, too late

Into a vacuum of example and hope, and stew of violence and dysfunction, came federal and state “anti-poverty” programs, often corrupting of those administering them, mere bandages upon an infecting, worsening sore. Too little, too late, ineffective! The horses of hope and promise of betterment were long out of the barn, with no prospect of return.

Such has been the deteriorating state of urban Black American enclaves of exacerbating impoverishment and dysfunction since the 1960s. To this day, with no viable solution in sight.


Indeed. Prospect of solution to The Problem has been made all the more difficult and unlikely by rise of ANGER, especially among UBY, as police, quick to open fire, wield a heavy deadly hand, including Black cops who disdain and fear perceived lawless, incorrigible UBY.

Simultaneously, born of the flame of ANGER and despair, furiously fanning it, comes the siren song of rap-hip-hop’s (RHH’s) dystopian, futilitarian message of RAGE AGAINST EVERYTHING conducive to achievement of the American Dream, imbibed at an early age.



Example of The Problem up close

On a personal level respecting UBY, why remedial efforts have failed is illustrated in the following vignette, drawn from The Wolf’s experience with Minnesota inner-city UBY.


A youth comes to mind, altogether representative of UBY and intractability of The Problem. His mother was young, a single mom facing her own difficulties with drugs and the law in the Minneapolis inner-city. The son was court-referred, resident in my parents’ rural home with 6,7 other court-referred boys, all but one at the time Black; where he had benefit of regular meals (no need to steal and conceal food), a rigid schedule of school and after-school activity, a strong Black male father figure in my college professor/ex-college athlete stepfather, and, especially, the example of my eight teenage younger half-brothers, all but one athletes who eventually completed college, who have never had problems with drugs or the law (albeit often stopped for DWB). The youth was scheduled to visit his mother for the weekend, and very much looking forward to the reunion.

One Wolf brother, a low-functioning teen “down” (as in Down’s Syndrome), performed the salutary role of exhibiting to UBY residents someone more unfortunate than they. They good-naturedly teased and laughed and wrestled and enjoyed “Moose’s” company!

Not uncommonly, at the last minute on the Friday the mom was scheduled to come and get her son (or my family was to deliver him in the city, 12 miles distant), she cancelled for reasons known only to her. The boy was not disappointed. He was devastated, plunging into despair and ANGER, running away into the wintry dark of surrounding countryside. He was found, but considerable psychic damage was done—yet again. As an older teen, this youth, same as I believe the great majority of his fellows (only a handful of successes come to mind), found his way to prison.

Months, even years of discipline, order, regular meals, and attendance at suburban (near all-White) schools; participation in organized sports and after-school activities; all in a rural environment (eleven acres with barn, horses, a couple cows, dogs, cats, surrounded by farms), featuring a strong, Black, charismatic father figure, himself a graduate of Father Flanagan’s (Nebraska) Boy’s Town, and his equally committed, tireless excellent-cook-and-organizer wife (The Wolf’s Tennessee born and raised, granddaughter of slaves, college graduate mother); daily interacting with (and being curbed at times by) The Wolf’s brothers and two sisters—devoted second moms!—, who (Wolf brothers) shared bunks and a six-faucet shower stall with the typically 6-8 court-referred UBY, in a three-story edifice created with the purpose of a group-home in mind, including seating for nine around a central 2nd-floor kitchen, and an indoor basketball half-court…

All of the above, including the sterling example of ten Wolf younger siblings, the girls older teens; and visitors to the house including such as then-University-of-Minnesota football quarterback Tony Dungee (!!)…

Largely coming to naught in breaking the downward-spiral cycle of a disadvantaged UBY!


No amount of community and professional outreach, midnight basketball, summer inner-city youth job initiatives, etc. has proven effective in overcoming the typical lack of functional, aspirational, two-parent households. The damaged result, of course, being misguided ANGRY youth, especially males, railing at family, self, the world, racism, and Whites believed to have played a major role in fomenting the circumstances of their dismal prospects.



An obvious conclusion



And, yes! Origins of The Problem can indeed be traced back to racist manifestations.

But there are other reasons for the abject failure of inner-city uplift initiatives.



Political Correctness factor (PC)

Meaning predominant current liberal thesis holding it unfair, inappropriate, even cruel to mention/touch upon whatever in the least be construed as uncomplimentary and critical.

E.g., heaven forbid remarking to relative, spouse, or, especially, stranger, that, “you’re overweight,” “you’re stupid, cheap, lazy,” “you need to get off your butt and get a job!” Not even, as now-disgraced Bill Cosby once said, more or less, “you can’t wear pants down the ass—i.e., dress like/act like a thug-outlaw—, and be successful in a conventional way.” All of which of the above behaviors/characteristics negatively impact society at large.

Because such misfits respecting overall American health, prosperity, advance, of whatever color, culture, station, and their enablers, are to be viewed, pitied, coddled (!!??) as so many mere victims (of corporate greed, racism, etc.). Likewise UBY and their surrounding enablers.


PC, in The Wolf’s view, is an important contributing factor in the abject failure of all inner-city remediation efforts to date! It quashes precisely the harsh critique and necessary major intervention method/means necessary to break a cycle that has powerful, enduring contradictory influences. It quashes productive discourse and productive action!


Beginning with typical UBY family dysfunction. More importantly, quashing clear-eyed, realistic discussion of, for example, the significant ANGER factor, and even PDA affectation.

And, especially, discussion and denunciation of pervasive influence of a factor wholly antithetical to UBY successful advance—siren-song, anti-authority-school-anyone/everyone-conventional-path-to-success rap-hip-hop (RHH).


Owing to “don’t blame the victim” sensitivity, political and racial “leaders” are loathe to call out the Black underclass on anything from out-of-wedlock pregnancy, to youth violence, to educational laxity. Not since Bill Cosby called out Black youth for pants-down-the-ass, anti-success attire (receiving some praise, also much criticism) has anyone, any “leadership” entity had the guts to question easily remedial, anti-success Black youth attire (and other behavior/affectation), not to mention disastrous, anti-real-success influence of rap-hip-hop (RHH).

Compounding difficulties of underclass Black families by pointing out success-defeating qualities, habits and beliefs, while insisting such be exchanged for success-producing habits, qualities and beliefs of immigrant families, would likely be viewed as the height of un-PC.

So be it. Un-PC happens here!


Also beyond the pale, of course, conservative bootstrap types and groups (if they care at all), and anyone not Black who might point out the obvious. Such are shouted down if they speak up on this pressing issue. To quote (of all persons) former POTUS George W. Bush, at work is the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

The Wolf gives more credit to members of the Black underclass. The Wolf is confident anyone in the hopeless position of most members of the Black underclass wants meaningful help. If that means telling painful truths, so be it. So long as at the same time a realistic plan and path to a better future accompanies criticism.



Other facts, factors re The Problem


Snapshot of underclass Black (OBA?)* family, core of The Problem

* “OBA” (Original Black American) refers to American Blacks who trace ancestry to American slavery. (Versus “NOBAs”—non-Original Black Americans—, immigrant Blacks [e.g., 2.1 million Africans since 1990!] and their descendants [since West Indian/Caribbean Blacks began coming in significant numbers in the 1920’s]. See Yowl—Of OBAs and NOBAs.)

It is no secret a sizable proportion (as many as half or more!) of the 42 million or so Black (“African-American”) Americans exist below federal poverty guidelines, most in deteriorated, marginalized “hoods” of American cities and towns. To The Wolf’s knowledge, no statistical measurement has ever been made respecting respective OBA-NOBA proportions of such Blacks.

However, as opined in the above footnote-referenced Of OBAs and NOBAs Yowl, a count would likely reveal the vast majority of this severely disadvantaged Black underclass to be OBA. Out-of-wedlock birth rate for this group is in the 70 percent range (!!). First-time parents are typically single, female, teenaged, relying for support, in addition to government programs and benefits, upon a parent or grandparent of similar disadvantaged background.



Simple example of disadvantage “from the git”

It has been noted that beyond lack of vocabulary (owing to not being constantly chatted to, as middle-class children, especially White middle-class children, are), while near-continuously being babysat by a television; beyond disciplinary problems stemming from physical abuse from frustrated, impatient parents, themselves immature and from disadvantaged backgrounds, children of the Black underclass arrive in school Day One with little conception of time!

Often, they’ve not seen a parent or caregiver arise, leave the house at an appointed time each day. (E.g., to go to work). There are rarely regularly scheduled outings, events, playdates, etc. that would occasion hearing, “Hurry up! It’s time to go!” Thus, right from the start the school experience is all the more foreign, confusing, frustrating. Ditto lining up, being read to, rest time, and other practices having resonance in the backgrounds of more advantaged children.

“From the git,” as the expression goes, the Black underclass youngster feels less and is prone to soon tune out. Fruits of a cycle of disadvantage beget disadvantage—dislike and rejection of school, ANGER, unsuitability at an early age for taking advantage of opportunities now abundantly available for properly prepared and motivated Black Americans to pursue the American Dream.


A depressing, much-chronicled cycle of lack of hope and prospect, already firmly in place, is reinforced and continued.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that manifold efforts to address The Problem, to remediate and break the cycle of disadvantage, untold amounts of federal, state, and municipal dollars tossed at The Problem (providing employment for untold so-called “poverty hustlers!”)—all the king’s horses, all the king’s men in the form of counseling, afterschool programs (e.g., gyms open for “midnight basketball”), food and financial aid (“welfare”), etc.—have failed to make meaningful headway.* FAILED ABYSMALLY!

* By all measures, the state of the marginalized American Black family described in the infamous (senator Patrick) Moynihan Report of the late 1960s has worsened considerably. A primary reason, as noted, being flight of middle-class, professional, and other role-model Blacks from previously segregated urban enclaves to suburbs in the 1970s.


It has been noted that 1/3 of ALL Black American males will do prison time. (A shocking statistic including Black males from all socioeconomic groups!) Black urban males die in far disproportionate numbers. Many, yes, at the hands of police. (Black and Hispanic as well as White cops.) However, the great majority at the hands of fellow impoverished, ANGRY Blacks.



Obvious breadcrumb pointing to Solution

Naturally, had middle-class Blacks, professionals, other proper role models remained in previously segregation-mandated Black neighborhoods and enclaves, schools would have performed better; housing, lawns, parks, etc. would likely have been kept up; the example of their neighbors taking advantage of opportunities emerging in the larger society for Blacks would have inspired hope and beneficial mimicking of positive behavior in the larger surrounding Black underclass. Add an assist from remedial monies and programs.

At the very least, detrimental effects of drugs, alcohol, and a climate of violence and ANGER would have been mitigated.

Such, of course, did not occur. The Black underclass was left to its increasing dysfunction and inadequate coping amid an overlay of drugs, alcohol, violent criminal and gang predation, and despair, with predictable result.


The question then, in the absence of Black role model presence that once promoted hope and a veneer of respectable comportment in Black ghetto communities, and given abject failure of substitute remedies in the past 50 years, is WHAT AS SUBSTITUTE?!



What will not work

Counseling programs, midnight basketball, etc. have been mentioned. They haven’t, won’t be enough. Cajoling in general—from teachers, drug and youth counselors, former inmates, community center personnel and clergy isn’t going to do it! (Prayin’ ain’t gonna cut it!)

If Jay-Z and Beyonce came into the hood preaching what to do, it wouldn’t work. (Not just because Jay-Z is an unfortunate example of former thug-life amply rewarded [!!].)

Such people are too distant from UBY they seek to influence, their message too inconstant!



Critical component of any solution—A family affair!

The message of what to do, what not to do must issue from closer, more influential sources—relatives, friends—, and constantly. This is the role of good parenting—constant, droning supervision and correction; nagging and meaningful face-to-face cajoling. Of proper messages.

E.g., “Apply yourself in school!” hammered home every day! “No! You’re not going out.” “Get in your room and do your homework!”; “I don’t give a damn about Chance da Rappa, The Weekend, Drake, ____, _____, or _____ (fill in rapper names). They’re all idiots, saying disgusting things! They’ve got nothing to teach you but how to be a loser in America! Now pull up your God-damn pants!” (And if they’re the kind made, precisely, to ride down one’s ass) “I don’t care what you paid for them. They’re going straight in the trash!”


Or, re the latter, “Fine! After you get good grades and go to college!”



Next component—role model of successful immigrant family

For obvious economic reasons, non-Hispanic immigrant families—in recent decades Korean, Vietnamese; of late African, Haitian—typically begin their America sojourn as Black underclass neighbors. They reside in cramped quarters in the same deteriorated, often crime-ridden residential areas. Their children attend the same much-maligned urban public schools.

Yet, normally within a generation, they move out of marginal areas to safer, often suburban neighborhoods. Measured by any yardstick, they eventually achieve success—the American Dream of steady job and/or business ownership; home ownership in a safe neighborhood. Their children, initially often speaking no English, win college scholarships, propelling them toward comfortable lives as professionals, business persons, middle management, etc.

With few exceptions (Central American, Mexican gang-related sorts), immigrant Americans of all kinds pursue and achieve the American Dream within law-abiding parameters.

They are PERFECT ROLE MODELS for what is required to achieve the American Dream!



Case in point, Wolf Jamaican antecedents

The Wolf paternal grandfather arrived at Ellis Island, NY, via ship in 1923, soon finding work as a common railroad laborer in the snowy foreign environs of upstate Elmira, New York. Within a year he brought his wife and two infant sons from Jamaica. (A year later a third son, Wolf father, was born.) Moving to a Jamaican (also OBA) section of bedroom NYC Montclair, New Jersey, he worked a lifetime at low-level jobs—chauffeur, caterer helper, ultimately janitor at his children’s high school. Habitually in tie and sweater-vest, he also became a church deacon, acquired several rental properties, eventually installed his family—wife, four sons and a daughter; in addition a sister and her family on an upper floor—in their own large house. Three of four sons served in World War II, the youngest in the Korean War. All children graduated from college and achieved success—marriage, children, stable jobs/careers, home ownership. And ushered their 13 children (including Wolf and two sisters) to college and similar success.



Sooner, the better!



Qualities, habits, beliefs, practices of immigrant families that ensure success

No mystery here. Precisely the same qualities, beliefs, habits of immigrant families arriving at Ellis Island auguring for success were present in immigrants at Jamestown and Plymouth Rock. They exist in hopeful immigrants arriving today at U. S. ports, airports, border crossings those in the world seeking to better their lot still flock to.

Hard work, self-sacrifice (delay of gratification, etc.), mutual aid (e.g., community banking-lending practices of recent Chinese immigrants to New York City), more hard work, belief in America and the American Dream (lacking in the Black underclass for obvious reasons of history), and, since Americans left the farm (now even among modern farmers), BELIEF IN NEED TO ACQUIRE EDUCATION!


Belief in education was so deeply believed in by Blacks (OBAs) emerging from the nightmare of slavery in the 1860s, that Blacks elected to southern legislatures during a brief Reconstruction period of hope and Black sway following emancipation, introduced free public schooling, unknown previously in states of the former Confederacy, throughout the South!*

* To accommodate hatred for Blacks among even poor Whites who had much in common with newly-liberated Blacks, Black legislators acquiesced in the newly-constructed and opened schools being segregated by race.


Yet today, K-12 in most every free public school serving the Black underclass, numerous Black children, possibly a majority (versus immigrant children among them!), lest they be accused of “acting White,”* and for other reasons relating to background, eschew doing homework, following behavior decorum, taking advantage of the education teeming millions in other parts of the world literally die to give their children access to.

* Meaning acting in a manner conducive to future success in a society that requires, at minimum, literacy.


As is said in the ghetto, “Wassup wid dat?!” More to the point, WTF?!



Why immigrant example has not been meaningfully posed/addressed

Why have qualities of successful immigrant families not been highlighted and set forth front and center—by government, Black leadership, etc.—as precisely qualities dysfunctional, under-performing underclass Black families must acquire (by any means!)?!

Go back. Re-read segment on influence of PC (political correctness).



Problem of the Black underclass, especially UBY, not envisioning the goal

A simple example illustrates a signal problem of urban Black youth (UBY) at risk. Often raised by television in lieu of absent (because scuffling to eke out a living) single parents; in, moreover, a milieu of poverty, decay, ANGER, casual violence, hopelessness, UBY tend to grow up with a distorted notion of reality that ill serves them.


A Wolf sister teaches art in a Newark, New Jersey public high school. In years past, with assist of private donor funds, she has taken groups of students—most inner-city Black, Hispanic—on bus tours to colleges to inspire aspiration. Passing on one occasion through a New Jersey suburb, a male Black student commented upon seeing a White boy and his presumed father playing catch on a front lawn, “I’ve seen that on TV. I never thought it was real.”

In other words, the American Dream (suburban) world of clipped lawns, comfortable homes, relative safety, existing mere miles from the center of American cities, likely remains at best a mirage to urban youngsters in blighted hoods. If perceived at all, it is not perceived in a meaningful, realistic way offering inspiration to pursue it.

It follows that pathways and actions necessary to aspire to and achieve the American Dream, such as acquiring education, do not present realistically, if at all.




Immigrant families, often starting out in the same disadvantaged neighborhoods, owing perhaps in part to more enlightened (advantaged) backgrounds in home countries, typically have the American Dream—a better life of suburban (sometimes urban) safety and comfort—clearly fixed in mind. This alternative life and goal looms as a constant beacon guiding choices.


A surrounding neighborhood of decay and danger is but an impediment to be endured, and, eventually, overcome.


Moreover, means of overcoming current meager circumstances to attain The (American) Dream—take advantage of free public education; scrimp, save, sacrifice, delay gratification—are clear. Eyes on the prize and daily discipline are evident.

Children are constantly imbued with imagery and reminders of The Dream. There are perhaps excursions into suburbs. There is certainly relentless exhortation to “behave!”, “avoid trouble!”, “work hard!” The purpose of sacrifice is real, nearly tangible. Likewise, where/why/how of family sacrifice in improving family circumstances. Sacrifice and need for sacrifice is thereby reinforced.

Should a male child don pants-down-the-ass, it would not be tolerated. Certainly not en route to school or the usual after-school-hours job.



Proposed Solution


Broad sketch

Has The Wolf’s view respecting Solution to the problem of UBY and the Black underclass begun to come into focus? If not, here’s the broad parameter:

UBY and the Black underclass have to mimic and become as immigrants who start from scratch. Not immigrants hailing from privileged backgrounds. Not White, Asian, Hispanic immigrants. But Black immigrants! As, for example, poor, undereducated Haitians arriving in “Liberty City,” Florida, with the dream of a better life in America!


And if this broad sketch be found feasible (Why, given foregoing discussion, would it not?!), the question becomes HOW/WHAT?!

Assuming pursuit of and ability to pursue the American Dream preferable to described blighted status of (mostly) OBAs* (Duh-h!), HOW MIGHT INNER-CITY UBYs (and equally blighted, enabling families!) BECOME MORE LIKE POOR-BUT-STRIVING-AND-HOPEFUL HAITIAN IMMIGRANTS? WHAT IS TO BE DONE?

* “OBA,” once again meaning Original Black American, is The Wolf term coined for Black Americans descended from American slavery. (As opposed to Black Americans who’ve come to the USA by choice—immigrants!—non-Original Black Americans, “NOBAs.”) Again, see Wolf Yowl—Of OBAs and NOBAs, A divide among American Blacks needing recognition.

It may be noted that the vast majority of (permanent) Black denizens of urban substandard “ghetto” enclaves are likely descendants of migrants from the American south; who bore the brunt of slavery and post-slavery practices that broke apart families and ensured economic and social disadvantage continuing to present. Statistics in such regard do not yet exist. However, it is more than a fair bet that the vast majority of the two million or so Blacks incarcerated in America are OBA, not NOBA. This Yowl is very much about what to do to remedy the plight of the vast, impoverished OBA class.


The Wolf, of course, is asserting that present-day, inner-city Black parenting (likely OBA parenting) is manifestly defective, wanting, inferior. In dire need of buttressing, re-structuring, supplanting. Period!

Simultaneously, parenting style, values, etc. of co-existent, often typical immigrant neighbors is superior. And must be mimicked, substituted, at all costs in some way acquired!

What is implied/required to substitute values and practices of typical immigrant families—four corners, immersive, invasive, closely monitored, whatever!—is warranted, long overdue.



Phase I—Cost-effective shock therapy to address ANGER, broaden perspective

Throughout this Yowl ANGER is capitalized… Because The Wolf deems ANGER, justified or no (taking hold in UBY by age 5, 6, 7 [earlier?]), to be perhaps the chief ingredient/impediment blocking disadvantaged OBAs from moving forward with attitudes/-emotions/behavior required for pursuit of conventional (American Dream) success.


The calming, ANGER-reducing effect of travel abroad for such notable ANGRY, at-the-time-Whites-hating OBA personages as Malcolm X (trip to Mecca, etc.) and Muhammad Ali (ditto), is instructive.

What they learned is that not all Whites are advantaged, not all Whites hate Black folk, not all Whites are “The Devil.”

Exposure and education inevitably broadens perspective. (Duh-h!)


Since early days as a prosecutor in Brooklyn, The Wolf has held the view it would be cost-beneficial upon initial encounter with the law and conviction (or pre-conviction), to take up ANGRY Black youth (any ANGRY youth for that matter), put them on an airplane (likely first airplane ride for most), transport them to the countryside of a place like Yugoslavia (or Kazakhstan, India, China, any African, Central American, South American nation), and have them live with a peasant/farmer family for three or six months. (Pay the host family a stipend. All would cost far less than three or six months or years in lockup in the U. S.!)


Such sojourn would instruct UBY that not all Whites (or other groups deemed privileged) are rich and have it better; that many (incl. Whites) have it tougher than they do—no indoor plumbing, meager food, daily hard physical toil; impoverished, dilapidated surroundings; no television or cellphone. They would experience and learn the value of physical toil—real work!

They would (undoubtedly!) return to the U.S.A. chastened, wiser, more worldly. LESS ANGRY! At least for a time. (They’d be curiosities, also minor celebrities in their hood. Good!)

Some perhaps, as others have done who’ve experienced privation abroad, might literally bow down, kiss the ground, give thanks they live in the U. S. A (!!).

Perhaps at least, likely for the first time ever, feel such an impulse.


They’d realize, likely first time ever, that although Black, although disadvantaged vis-à-vis other Americans, they are Americans (!!). Not anything else. By virtue of which, advantaged vis-à-vis most of the rest of the world. Certainly vis-à-vis those they lived with abroad

They might appreciate and begin to take advantage of opportunities—e.g., free education—they hopefully now realize are prized and not available to many in the rest of the world, including many Whites. And that should not be taken for granted and disregarded.

Which approaches the mindset of the typical immigrant. A mindset conducive to doing the hard, sustained work needing doing in order to achieve the American Dream.


Scooped up, transported, returned UBY would hopefully realize one may don pants-down-the-ass in some circumstances. But such attire is not conducive to achieving meaningful success.

Some, hopefully, would begin to question rap-hip-hop (RHH) and its misogynistic, homophobic, anthropomorphic, violent life-style directives and affectations (!!).

Much, surely, will be viewed through a broader, more perceptive, more informed lens!



Preparing the ground: background factors


Revisit of ineffective Black urban underclass child-rearing values, thinking, behavior

As set forth in The Wolf’s aforementioned Yowl—Of OBAS-NOBAs, brutality and duration of American slavery, followed by decades-long repression of Black opportunity and hope (continuing to this day), resulted in the sizable Black underclass trapped in poverty, hopelessness, ANGER, self-doubt. Habits, outlook, practices, and ways of thinking and acting of those in this underclass perpetuate it.

Such as living day-to-day, hand-to-mouth; finding value in such immediate gratification as alcohol and drugs. Such as being preoccupied with self (excessive selfishness) and feeling oneself to be a victim. Such as not saving, scrimping, taking any work available. Such as delay of gratification being a foreign concept. Such as hustling to “get over on” (scam!) not just societal largess, but friends, neighbors, relatives. Such as, especially, being ANGRY (however merited), and having ANGER’S corrosiveness manifest in self-hate and violent behavior, foreclosing all prospect of a better life for self and progeny.

Such as (saddest of all?) not harboring dreams of and hope for a better future?


Black parents/grandparents, raising children in deteriorated, crime-ridden enclaves, often alone with meager resources, are unlikely to impart to children appropriate values, practices, pathways, vision leading to a brighter future, because they themselves were never imbued with requisite values, practices, hope, a vision of brighter possibility. Such that they and offspring might realistically aspire to and attain a brighter future.



Barack/Michelle Obama example squandered

Elevation of Barack and Michelle Obama in 2008 to the pinnacle of American success ignited great hope and excitement among downtrodden Blacks. However, (traditional middle-class) values and practices of parents (and grandparents) that equipped Michelle and Barack to rise in life were not sufficiently highlighted, touted. They weren’t passed along to urban Black parents. They weren’t inculcated, so as to transform hope and excitement of benighted urban Black masses to a realistic prospect of elevation in life performance.

Opportunity squandered!




Likely for the same PC (political correctness) reasons set forth previously to explain why the template of immigrant values, practices, thinking, etc. has not been touted and inculcated. Smacks too much of blaming the victim, bruising feelings of a people already down.

Intervention drastic enough to bring about meaningful change would likely raise fierce opposition from all manner of persons, agencies, institutions, etc. invested in the same ‘ol, same’ol that hasn’t worked. (Not even close!)


PC is likely precisely why nothing effective in this arena has come from so-called “Black leadership,” out of so-called “think tanks,” community groups. (“Poverty pimps” ALL!)



To which The Wolf responds, “To hell with PC permissive bullshit!”



Not that mere trumpeting of Barack/Michelle Obama values would have mattered.

No! Far more than blah-blah about what to do is needed!



White privilege factor

Note that PC, implying ginger handling, patient reasoning, care not to insult and bruise feelings, especially, “don’t dare raise a hand to an innocent little child!,” is a reflection of so-called “White privilege.”*

* The idea that Whites in America benefit from favorable presumptions/prerogatives other groups don’t. Which, often, they’re unaware or not cognizant of. (E.g., that they aren’t going to shoplift in a store or pose a danger in a traffic stop. That they’re more intelligent.)

A luxury here inapt. A luxury downtrodden, desperate Black Americans cannot afford.


Black folk, especially impoverished, on-the-edge urban Black folk, have scant margin for error! Drastic strictures and measures are very much needed. As, memorably, a Black (middle-class) father, criticized by his educated (enlightened!) wife for administering physical punishment to his son, said, “Do you want me to beat him, or the police?”

Is a fighting chance at success for UBY (urban Black youth) wanted, or no?



Phase II—Model on immigrant families!

The Wolf strongly, confidently posits that the only viable recourse for modeling and altering UBY behavior (and, hopefully, surrounding family behavior—parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents!) is the one group that constantly refreshes what is dynamic, hopeful, proven-effective in achieving success in America society.

Not the coddled, coddling, indigenous American (Black as well as White) middle, upper-middle, and upper-class families, whose children immigrant children so easily outcompete!


Imbued in their often hard-scrabble, unforgiving home countries—China, India, Vietnam, Syria, Ireland, Bosnia, Guatemala, Mexico, any and all African nations, etc.—with old-fashioned standards of hard work; “nothing comes easy,” put one’s nose to the grindstone of life to get ahead, sacrifice (especially for the next generation), and all hands (family members) on board, immigrants understand that current American child-rearing, even (suburban) American living modes they admire, is BULLCRAP!

A prescription for precisely the opioid and other “wa-wa, woe-is-me” crises now bemoaned/bewailed.


Even the poorest immigrant families massing at American southern borders (never mind greater numbers of ambitious, educated immigrants arriving by airplane), naturally reject the post-making-it (post “we’re successful!”) values and practices of Americans whose lifestyle and freedom they envy. They understand THE COASTING BEHAVIOR OF AMERICA’S SUCCESSFUL (Black and White!) FAMILIES CANNOT BE AFFORDED, INDULGED IN.

If there is any American group they might emulate, it is Asian second and third-generation families, where practices conducive to success—reverence and respect for one’s elders, towing the family line—still hold sway, if tenuously.



Wolf family example revisited

In The Wolf’s large, extended family, wherein both southern OBAs and northern NOBAs (3rd, 4th generation Jamaicans), prize education and responsibility, bullshit behavior is called out.

E.g., a 10-year-old grandson (raised primarily by a White non-family member mother, never married to a Wolf brother) showed up at a family gathering sporting a medallion hanging from his neck, a funny “hip” haircut, and somewhat of gangsta swagga. And was instantly mocked and humiliated, which positively altered his future path. (Two years in the Merchant Marines; current well-paying job.) Two other grandsons, bored, got arrested for throwing bricks at mailboxes in their toney, upper-middle-class suburban Georgia (Alpharetta) development.

It was the then 90-year-old matriarch (now 95) who angrily brought them (and their neglectful parents) to heel—back to the (family) straight and narrow. Said she to a teen miscreant writing a letter of contrition, “Boy! You better write down some reasons why you would do a damn-fool thing like that! You’re an embarrassment to the family!”

To which can be added only, “Amen!”




Immigrants grasp this. UBY (urban Black youth) and, seemingly, their families, do not. Or if they do (they probably sort of do), they are unable to implement a better alternative.

So prepare for drastic intervention! Or, as is said in Brooklyn, “Fuggedaboudit!”



More re background factors


Current urban inner-city Black parenting under the microscope

Should one talk to most any parent of an inner-city Black child at risk—of failing in school, running afoul of the law, ending up dead or in prison—, that parent, naturally, professes utmost fierce love, protectiveness. Espouses the usual tropes of wanting the best for the child, aspiration for a bright future. Blah-blah!

It is cant, mere mouthing of words. Requisite follow-through is meager, typically non-existent. The parent (herself often a child-parent at the outset wanting someone—the baby—“to love me!”) is fundamentally clueless about what is really required to safeguard his/her child, what achieving success really requires!


Arrival of UBY in kindergarten lacking concept of time has been noted. In addition, they’ve likely not been to a library, not been read to so as to acquire larger vocabulary, even spoken to beyond being ordered to do things. There’s been far too much raising by television/phone-screen.

Thus, the child, already at risk, enters school behind, falls farther behind, becomes frustrated, ANGRY, withdrawn. (Often acting out; and, as is well-documented, more frequently punished—suspended, expelled!—owing to skin color and parental ineffectiveness.)

The die for dead-end future—prison and worse—is early cast.



Failure of ALL past and present UBY remedial efforts (once again)

It has been noted that ALL programs/initiatives proposed/implemented since the 1960’s (and Moynihan Report on deterioration of the Black family) respecting UBY (and family) remediation have been unavailing. Broadly speaking, all that’s been offered (imposed upon) UBY families has been counseling. (Plus here-and-there-make-work youth/family jobs programs.)

An industry of counseling services for the (Black) poor has grown up—social workers, drug counselors, employment advisors and the like. At tremendous cost.

All to no avail! (Where are the results?!)


The problem is that counsellors, etc. can blah-blah till the cows come home (receiving a paycheck). Inner-city parents are happy to take—e.g., receive counselling, hopefully with a subsidy incentive of some sort; have a summer job for a teen.

And none of it makes a difference! UBY continue to be ANGRY, join gangs, deal drugs, kill one another and innocent others, go to prison, die. As oft-noted, as early as grade school, behaving and doing homework is—how self-defeating is this?!—eschewed as “acting White.”


Assuming the very best inner-city Black parent situation—two parents at home; at least one working an adequate job; both well-intentioned for the future of the child—, focus, discipline, vision of what needs to happen to ensure greater success for their child seems lacking.




No! Not more counseling. Not more “do this; don’t do that” pronouncements, hoping advice sticks. (It won’t.)

What’s needed is both parent and child embarked on a four-corners, all-hands-on-deck, remediating program designed to ROOT OUT THE OLD AND INEFFECTIVE; INSTILL WHAT’S NEEDED—VALUES AND APPROACH OF AN IMMIGRANT FAMILY!



By pairing urban at-risk UBY families with a suburban immigrant family!

INNER-CITY AT-RISK FAMILIES—children AND mother-father-aunt-uncle-grandparent-caretaker, etc., as unit—ARE ASSIGNED A FOSTER IMMIGRANT FAMILY THAT HAS MADE IT TO THE SUBURBS!

They visit this (successful immigrant) family regularly (weekly?), perhaps sometimes stay overnight (at least the children), and, via observation and mediated counseling—Yes. Counselors will be needed; as go-between and guide; if necessary, with translating ability.—, in respectful give-and-take, immigrant and inner-city family pairs explore what they (especially the immigrant family) do, how they see things, what’s good, what’s not, What works and doesn’t. And why.

Grandparents and others involved in UBY child-rearing also attend.

Hopefully, the assigned immigrant family becomes… somewhat family!




There is current talk of reparations. In this era of robots supplanting human workers, there is talk of paying all a living wage. (The current corona-virus pandemic will move this idea along.) Think of the cost saving to cities and society, if the cycle of UBY going bad is broken once and for all (!!). Think of the benefit to tens of thousands of young men (and women) of enabling them—finally!—to envision, aspire to, embark on a pathway to participation in the American Dream!

Why not PAY INNER-CITY FAMILIES A STIPEND to submit to and endure whatever form the above intervention takes! Also the immigrant family.




Having payment reduced or lost altogether. Also, assuming a blanket-the-targeted-hood approach, knowing, if a family fails to cooperate, you’re fucking up; a child’s future is at stake.




ANGER factor once again

Self-loathing, fear, resentment passed along generationally, and, especially, ANGER, are understandable, predictable, destructive legacies of American slavery, and its aftermath of racial discrimination, Black humiliation, and Black disadvantage continuing to this day. An ANGRY slave was a slave destined for the lash and possible death. Post slavery, an ANGRY Black man in the American south, even a merely outwardly resentful man, however righteous the reasons, was a Black man in danger of being lynched. (As evident in the recent Ahmaud Arbery GA case, still in danger of being lynched!)

The Wolf has recounted elsewhere his own anger growing up in Amerikkka—at Whitey, at American injustice toward Blacks.*

* Sufficient anger that more than once in Los Angeles (‘bout 14 years old), together with homeys, Yours Truly fired up a couple White teens we came across in our hood just for the kick. Payback for imagined White injustices.** (Likely making those boys fearful of, hateful toward Blacks for the rest of their lives.) And we were middle/upper-middle class boys in a hood of fine homes! One homey’s father was a doctor!

I’d soon have numerous White friends in high school. For a time, however, Hating Whitey was a thing.

** Some years ago such behavior by UBY was in the news. Media had videos of the “knock-out game.”


Old, young, in-between… OBA Black folk of a certain age (over 55?), in particular in impoverished inner city hoods, tend to harbor ANGER. Moreover, if poor, lacking hope, beset by police brutality on the one hand, youth and gang brutality on the other, despised by the outer world, they have a right to be ANGRY!


But an ANGRY Black man today in America will not long last in employment. As described in the Black Lives Matter Yowl, unlike Whites, if ANGRY when stopped by police, a Black man is perceived as a threat, and subject to manhandling tactics and worse.

ANGER has long been a luxury not easily affordable by American Blacks, especially men.*

* E.g., “ANGRY Black man” is why Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton (and nearly 40 other Black Americans, activists dating back to the 1930s, who ran for president!) didn’t have the slightest chance of winning. Indeed, polled miniscule votes, virtually none from Whites other than radical types (many communist party members). Whereas non-ANGRY (because NOBA, not OBA?!**)—therefore non-threatening, likeable, certainly acceptable to many, many Whites—Barack Obama became president.

** Father African, mother White, Barack Obama’s descent doesn’t trace back to American slavery (or any slavery!). While surely discriminated against on account of race/color, he does not carry the OBA burden of mistrust and ANGER on account White abuses and injustice, and effects thereof, handed down generationally. Hence, The Wolf posits, his much-ballyhooed calm, measured demeanor so reassuring to Whites, his surprising optimism respecting his chances.


Respecting UBY

In 2019 a Black University of Tennessee football player, arrested for making an illegal U-turn (and having outstanding traffic ticket warrants), made national news for comments made in the back seat of the police car, recorded by a police body-cam. In particular, “Where I come from [Memphis], we shoot at police.”

Chilling and concerning was the calm, matter-of-fact manner of the remark. And from a UBY of relative privilege. Who’d chosen, obviously seriously pursued the more promising route of athletics at the highest level (versus criminal pursuits) as a ticket out of meager circumstances.


And that ANGER, seething in the baleful, “I-cut-you-you-look-at-me-wrong!” (even look too long) countenance of too many UBYs, is a BIG PROBLEM!


Of course, UBY are not born with anger. As collegians (in the 60s), The Wolf and a cousin worked one summer as teacher’s aides in a Washington, D.C., Head Start program. Black 4 and 5 year olds from the Southeast (ghetto) projects loved us White-looking fellas. They climbed all over us during recess.

By 11, 12, 13, they’d probably just as soon put a cap in our asses.


So, JOB NO. 1— address, calm UBY ANGER!



ANGER solutions

Obviously, forestalling development of ANGER ab initio (in younger UBY) must be a priority. ANGER of parents, grandparents, relatives, older siblings, and surrounding community must also be addressed. ANGER of older UBY is most problematic.

Installing a vision of a different, brighter future in all three groups is key. And means, pathways likely to ensure successful achievement of same. Failure to reach any one group can poison the effort.



Education; recognition of ANGER legitimacy; reconciliation; catharsis

As a first step regarding ANGER of parents, grandparents, relatives, the larger surrounding community, and, especially, older UBY (siblings), it is proposed that legitimacy of their ANGER, of Black (OBA) ANGER in general be recognized.

All pause! Take a deep breath! Exhale! Explore the history of slavery and discrimination. Acknowledge ANGER as warranted, but simultaneously explore the importance of controlling ANGER and ways to do so. Here experts are brought in.

Very much in order seems some sort of reconciliation/healing interface between target Black communities and leadership, especially White business and other leadership; as has been effective in South Africa, Rwanda, etc. between once warring, bitter tribal and racial factions.


Regular ANGER RECOGNITION meetings might be held in which community and individual ANGER is aired and vented—including (catharsis!) chants of “I HATE WHITES!” Corrosive/destructive effects of ANGER are explored, thereby impressing need to manage and control ANGER. And, of course, means/methods for controlling ANGER are introduced, reintroduced.

Always, vision of a successful future and means to achieve same is reiterated/reinforced.

Once acknowledged as justified, positioned front/center as key problem, ANGER can be more rationally assessed and managed. Less hidden and bottled up, ANGER is less corrosive.



Major problem factor needing addressing—Rap Hip Hop (RHH)



The Wolf has explored the enabling/causative influence of rap-hip-hop (RHH) respecting Black injury and death during police stops.* As this segment proceeds, appreciate that The Wolf grasps very well RHH’s why/wherefore/wherefrom!**

* See, Black Lives Matter Yowl respecting which Blacks stopped for DWB (driving while Black) are prone to arrest, being beaten, even shot, versus the many Blacks quickly sent on their way. Manner, appearance, and RHH-influenced appearance/attitude of some Blacks often escalates a tense situation.

** Aborning mostly in Black communities at risk in the 1970s (the Bronx, NYC; South Central Los Angeles; other urban hoods; suburban New Jersey an exception!), RHH reflects/channels concededly legitimate UBY ANGER at lack of prospects, police brutality, racism, unfairness of life. However, in that, apart from occasional focus on police brutality, RHH lyrics have far more to do with insecure youthful male posturing, with special focus on fucking/humiliating “ho’s” and “bitches,” legitimacy of RHH as “urban poetry” may surely be debated. However, such wholly misses the point


Is RHH art form? Deserving uncensored, unfettered opportunity to be heard/promoted?

Okay. Sure. Yes. Although, as noted in the above footnote, RHH’s legitimacy as “urban poetry” may be debated.

What is beyond question is that RHH has a profound, mostly negative effect on UBY. If performing the function of channeling UBY ANGER, frustration, etc., at the same time RHH fans UBY ANGER and anti-social emotions, behavior. (Also attire, such as PDA.) RHH has meaning, effect, consequences for UBY that it does not for, say, middle-class, suburban youth (Black, White, other), who don’t have debilitating ANGER, whose larger context of background/circumstance allows/enables them to don/discard RHH as mere elective affectation.



Toxic effect of RHH on UBY

Ignore for a moment the coarsening effect on anyone of RHH’s vile—“fuck the bitch/ho!”, “suck my dick!”, “riot!”, “kill the pig!”—lyrics, and legitimizing of UBY ANGER and anti-socialism. (Essentially rationalizing/legitimizing thug behavior and appearance—and violence.)

Emerging indeed straight out of Compton (1990s),* present-day widely publicized imagery of under-educated, blinged-out, PDA rapper-thugs, luxuriating in mansions in exclusive neighborhoods, prancing across stages of glossy Hollywood productions—Emmys, Grammys, Black achievement award shows!—has made mega-glorified thug-gangsta types more envied and admired, more urban ghetto heroes and role models than ever.

* Owing to White mainstream record industry realizing that bad-ass, middle-finger-to-convention sells, not just to UBY, but to Whites and a worldwide market. Corporate America also realized bad-ass rebelliousness sells product, further filling rapper coffers and promoting RHH’s anti-socialism mainstream. E.g. recall a GM commercial featuring a (Black-engineer-designed!) Chrysler 300 touring dark Detroit streets, rap intonations in the background; athletic equipment commercials featuring tatted, dreadlocked UBY ballers in nighttime urban playgrounds. Bad-boy sells!

Had Buick Motors understood national/international pulse/zeitgeist when bad-boy antics of longtime pitch-man Tiger Woods were revealed, rather than fire him, it would have doubled down. Touted a knowing-look Tiger Woods (perhaps sporting bling) with the message— “Be a Tiger [bad-ass]! Drive a Buick!” And forever laid to rest the image of Buick as “your grandpa’s car.”

MAJOR EFFING TSK!!! (Re RHH effect, not Buick’s missed opportunity.)


In terms of delusion that one can pooh-pooh schoolwork and rise much above a dead-end future, “Gonna be a rappa!” probably trumps the kool-aid of “Gonna play in the NBA (or NFL).”

Indeed. In that becoming a rapper doesn’t require even graduating high school (or middle school), much less attend college; and, moreover, “rapper” implies thug-worthy lifestyle and attitude in addition to $$ and bling, “gonna be a rappa!” is the far more damaging kool-aid.


Especially respecting RHH’s elevation/glorification of violence and thug-gangsta comportment. Implicit and explicit, RHH demands that one “represent”—meaning back down from no one, confront the slightest slight. With machismo; with in-yo-fuckin’-face bad-ass-ness!*

* * Resulting (apparently) in even wealthy products of a UBY upbringing—high-draft-pick NFL players!—pulling guns and robbing fellow partiers against whom they had a grudge; then escaping in a Lamborghini!


To imagine for a moment UBY can look, comport, adopt ATTITUDE promoted by RHH; and make a living and go through life avoiding disaster, is to drink a deadly kool-aid indeed. Even blinged-out successful rappers, somewhat shielded by money, recognizability, retinue, eventually, typically falter. Their lifestyle and thug/gangsta-life belief system (assuming they believe their bullshit) demands it. Witness Tupac, Biggy Smalls, etc.


Yet, UBY in droves, likely almost all UBY, RHH dovetailing perfectly with ANGER and resentment, drink deeply of RHH’s kool-aid. Slouching, pants-down-the-ass, behind a mask of “Fuck you! Whaddya gonna do ‘bout it?!,” they intimidate teachers, disrupt classrooms, squander education that millions elsewhere in the world travel miles on foot to obtain.



RHH influence in recent death (modern lynching) of Ahmaud Arbery

Two videos make it quite obvious that Ahmaud Arbery, the 25 year old Black man recently chased and killed by Whites in a White Georgia suburb, was a victim not just of racism, but also RHH!


To wit, video of an earlier police encounter with Arbery reveals he was an aspiring rapper (!!). Moreover, contrary to widely-circulated photograph of a smiling, benign, high school graduate, Arbery was very much into mode dictated by RNN in dealing with authority; that one “represent”—meaning confront and challenge authority. Tall, well-muscled, Arbery is seen to advance menacingly on an officer (arms high, outstretched, bird-of-prey fashion), and to remark repeatedly, angrily, “Why you fuckin’ with me?!” Before, thankfully, calming and submitting.

The Wolf fully acknowledges that had Arbery, sitting in his car minding his own business in a park, been White, police might not have approached him at all. (With the proffered excuse, “drug deals go down in this park.”)


However, had Arbery been White, had he been an immigrant/NOBA, had he not been ANGRY (disposed by RHH to react ANGRILY), the confrontation likely would not have escalated to near injurious outcome. (A second officer’s taser fortunately malfunctioned.)

Likewise when—Agreed!—unlawfully pursued and confronted by Whites whilst merely jogging, had RHH-stoked ANGER not manifested—e.g., Arbery fighting his pursuer for the latter’s gun—, it is highly likely the episode would not have ended in Arbery’s tragic death.



Toxic (unaddressed!) RHH spillover effect on ALL Black Americans

Simple fact of every community, every nation: The majority group—White, Black, Yellow, etc.—is accorded presumption of legitimacy and good intention; contradicting behavior of members is viewed as abnormal, outlier. Not so for non-majority groups and their members.


White males predominate among American mass-shooting perpetrators. However, White males are not viewed as potential mass shooters, as particularly criminally inclined.

Simultaneously, Asians are viewed to be… Blacks are viewed to be…

Fill in the stereotypes. Type-casting of minorities and immigrant groups in America is common not among Whites, but, typically, among the type-cast group members in question (!!).


Can there be a moment’s doubt that RHH imagery of ANGRY (at least appearing so), crotch-grabbing, thuggish rap “artists” cavorting on television stages and sporting event half-time shows doesn’t have the effect of shocking/frightening middle-age and older White, Black, Asian, other viewers, confirming/reinforcing fears and prejudices respecting all Black people?!

Moreover, not just older viewers, but fresh generations seeking justification for fear and dislike of Blacks in general; justification for discriminating, racist behavior against all Blacks?!

Whites tuning in to the Grammys (solely) for the country music awards… What’s their likely reaction to viewing thuggish rappers; and by association all Blacks?


Consider the average, conventionally dressed Black person entering a store. How often is such a person viewed suspiciously by White (and Asian and Black!) clerks, and followed?!

Is such unfair Burden of Blackness, such stereotyped response not related to, buttressed, exacerbated, inflamed by ubiquitous RHH imagery?!


Certainly, in the many instances of unfair traffic stops for DWB (driving while Black), fear that officers (of all colors!) feel approaching the vehicle, which fear heightens potential for ill outcome, is directly attributable to images of dread-locked thuggish rappers chanting, “kill the pig!”, and for whom “representing” means resistance to the point of violence.



Awareness of problem of RHH effect (yes, but…)

Beyond much-publicized hue and cry raised against RHH’s toxic lyrics and ill influence by such as vice-presidential wife, Tipper Gore, in the 1980s and 90s,* awareness of RHH’s problematic influence has long existed in the larger, respectable Black community.**

* Founded Parents Music Resource Center in 1985 to apply labels on records alerting parents to levels of profanity and questionable (toxic) language, for which she was eventually condemned for censorship, even “cultural terrorism.”

** E.g., How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back, Violence, misogyny, and lawlessness are nothing to sing about. John H. McWhorter, 2003.

, and lawlessness are nothing to sing about.

However, doubtless in reaction to what came to be viewed as yet another assault on Black people and Black culture by Whites (in the vein of assaults against ragtime, jazz, rock and roll), RHH seems largely now to have been given a pass.*

* E.g., 2010 book by one Dr. Kenneth T. Whalum, Jr., entitled, HIP HOP IS NOT OUR ENEMY (From a Preacher Who Keeps It Real), in which the author remarks in criticism of a Black pastor who had condemned RHH, “Hip-hop is not our enemy. Hip-hop is merely one manifestation of our culture.” Or 2018 article in The Harvard (College) Crimson by one Uzochi P. Nwoko (obvious NOBA)** giving RHH a pass.

** Non-Original Black American. I.e., Black immigrant or descendant of Black immigrants. (Versus OBA, one descended from America’s uniquely harsh brand of slavery and racist aftermath.)


Giving a pass to RHH influence may yet be given a second look. However, if so, criticism likely will be tepid. E.g., per one Will Welch in GQ magazine, segment reprinted in 11/1/2019 issue of The Week magazine:

Pharrell Williams [PH] has been rethinking his views on masculinity. Said Will Welch in GQ Gentle-

man’s Quarterly]. When [PH] debuted as a hip-hop producer and performer in the 1990s, he often

embraced rap’s braggadocious misogyny. Stars like Jay-Z and Puff Daddy, he says, “were not quiet

about being successful. They had created this image of what success could look like for us as Afri-

can-American men.” [PH’] mindset changed when he befriended the Japanese designer Nigo and

began visiting him in Tokyo. “He bowed all the time,” says [PH], now 46. “Tokyo’s way of humility

was seeping into my soul. I was like, these people are so kind all the time.”* Humility, however, was

not easy to master. “Its’ an art form,” he says. “It’s something you work at.” As he did work at it, he

says, he became embarrassed by lyrics in his early work that objectify women and promote an “I

know you want it” attitude. [Original emphasis.]… “Some of my old songs, I would never write or sing

today. It just took a lot of time and growth to get to that place.”

* For the uninformed and unmindful of history (Pharrell?), The Wolf notes that Japan and Japanese were far from humble or kind in WWII when they launched total war against neighbor countries and the U.S..

Per HuffPost, Lee Moran, 10/30/2019: In an interview with radio show host Big Boy to promote his

new album “Jesus is King” this week, [rapper Kanye] West called out the [rap] culture he said

focuses on “fucking somebody else’s bitch,” buying new foreign-made cars and rapping “about

things that can get you locked up.”

Indeed. Becoming adult and older should cause any who are not idiots to realize the folly and negative effect and influence of the vile, ANGRY “urban poetry,” that simultaneously is balm and misguiding inspiration for likely the vast majority of UBY.


But (duh-h!) a whole lot more pushback is needed!



Failure (utter!) of Black “leadership” and all others to confront RHH’s toxic effect

One would think, given RHHs undeniable toxic effect on UBY, especially its altogether plausible negative spillover effect adversely impacting Blacks in general, that Black leadership—Barack or Michelle Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Stacy Abrams, Val Deming, Spike Lee, Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Black news pundits and late-night TV hosts…

Someone among such would have forcefully decried RHH and its effect during the near 30 years since Tipper Gore was squelched in such regard.


But, largely NO!

And, once again, one speculates why! (Re-read foregoing PC segment.) Heaven forbid a liberal and/or minority person, or any of the “woke” brigade, condemn anything short of murder—proven beyond a reasonable doubt before a diverse jury—; or child molestation—also proven!—; or, of course, any untoward move toward a female… If the “alleged” perpetrator is female, gay [LBGTXYZ…], or member of a minority group.

Criticize someone Black, Black and risen up from urban depths, Black and spouting “art,” albeit advocating rape/pillage of bitches/ho’s, killing of cops and anyone looking at one funny…



To which The Wolf responds, “NONSENSE!”



What is to be done to counter RHH influence?

Not s lot, actually. Removing thug-gangster imagery from national television exposure would help. Outright condemnation would only enhance RHH’s appeal.

Certainly, parents and caretakers should stop playing RHH around younger UBY!


RHH influence will only reduce to benign and relatively harmless when, same as with privileged Black, White, Asian, Hispanic youth (and most RHH aficionados around the globe), RHH is seen as elective; something to turn up the volume on to annoy parents and others, to enhance one’s imagination of oneself as bad-ass and rebellious; something to be set aside when it’s time to get serious about the mundane necessity of schoolwork, one’s day job.

Which will only happen when the context of awareness—of a larger world of possibility; of the self-defeating implication of extolling thug imagery and affectation; of the value and necessity of education and non-violent behavior in a world that rewards hard work and application to conventional values with safety and relative comfort—is put in place.

Hopefully, by measures—The Solution—here set forth.


And, of course and necessarily, when UBY ANGER is mitigated, hopefully extinguished.



Continuation of, e.g., bad-ass-ness posturing. (Ever feasible/permissible for UBY?)

As suggested, no question but bad-ass in its rebellious, individualistic aspect is powerfully attractive. However, lasting, meaningful American Dream success requires that bad-ass can only be exhibited, experimented with in innocuous ways in innocuous settings.

Bad-ass-ness can and must only be a harmless, exuberant, infrequent thing! It cannot be, or even suggest true malevolent intent. It cannot manifest in violence!


As, should even one other unreconstructed ANGRY UGY bad-ass devotee be present, thereby creating danger of misunderstanding and reaction in the bad old way—punch thrown; worse, weapon drawn—, bad-ass can at most be only a pose in front of one’s mirror; a pose at a party or place where all know one another.

Bad-ass posturing is permissible only where all are known, and all know the poseur! Only then for a UBY can bad-ass-ness be mere fun, harmless sport; permissible.


Which will require (cue drumroll!) extinguishing in UBY (for the most part) that which fuels and motivates bad-ass with malevolent intent—ANGER!



Abandonment of “Blackness” required?

First, this is relatively meaningless respecting Black immigrants, and, in general, their descendants.*

* NOBAs (Non-Original Black Americans) all.

Similar to Whites and Whiteness in America, Europe, majority-Caucasian situations, dark skin and Blackness for persons hailing from majority-Black populations isn’t something normally thought about, dwelled upon. If a topic to consider for the latter—say, owing to a racial remark—, in that their being Black isn’t normally accompanied by the sort of ANGER stemming from OBA history, and/or the disadvantaged situation and thought process of UBY, there is little associated with Blackness, per se, that such persons need abandon.

They are merely individuals going about the normal business of work, family, etc., who, if they happen to think about it, yes, happen to be Black. (Ultimate goal to be striven for?!)


By contrast, if only in reaction to perceived denigration/dislike on the part of Whites—passed along in the water, so to speak, of generational family lore—, Blackness to OBAs, and especially UBY, entails aspects of identity to, lest identity disappear altogether, be preserved and clung to.

For example, the notion (in America) that as a result of long trials and tribulations endured, Blacks “have more soul.” Meaning, being more in touch with one’s emotions? (More humanity?)

Certainly, there is the idea, buttressed by Black athletic dominance in sports that matter to American Blacks (+Tiger Woods!); likewise contribution to artistic expression, especially music—spirituals, ragtime, jazz, blues, R ‘n B, and, yes, RHH—, of Blacks being more physically and musically gifted. (Notions long somewhat ceded, even promoted by Whites, as they arrogated far more influential powers of [intellect and race-based?] economics and politics.)


What The Wolf would say respecting preserving “Blackness” or “Black heritage,” is:

Sure. Harbor, maintain notions of innate Black superiority in sports and music. However, at the same time attend to Job No. 1—EDUCATION! Discover gifts in that arena. Discover American Blacks (OBAs) who, despite obstacles, excelled intellectually. There are many. E.g., inventors of the typewriter, the traffic signal. (Teachers! Show the movie Hidden Figures! Over and over!)

Simultaneously, strive to tamp down, mitigate, diminish ANGER!

Which, as prospects for achieving the American Dream emerge and brighten, will, The Wolf is confident, occur.



Black hair factor

Yes! Black hair is a factor to be considered in this context.


“Kinky,” “wooly” “Black” hair, long regarded by OBAs themselves as inferior and in need of (expensive straightening) correction to seem more “White,” is now flaunted as enviable!

Leastwise by young Black men of all socioeconomic levels. A good, positive development!

However, not, given RHH spillover effect, without potential for adverse consequence.


The Black Lives Matter yowl cites dreadlocks as a likely factor heightening trigger-happy police nervousness (by conjuring RHH imagery and violence mandates?), therefore contributing to possible ill outcome during a traffic stop. (Whether officer be White, Black, Hispanic.)

The many outre (out there) Black hairstyles currently pride-fully exhibited by young Black men (in-yo-face-Whitey?!), especially role-model Black athletes in ubiquitous televised basketball and football games, have similar threatening aspect and effect.

However, outre Black hair seems a cat too far out of the bag to be coaxed back in.


Actually, The Wolf hopes Black women, including such as OBAs Oprah and Michelle Obama (!!), will emulate Black men in embracing natural Black hair, thereby evidencing pride in Blackness. (Enabling saving countless dollars spent straightening hair.)


Threatening aspect and implication of dreadlocks and other-than-close-cropped Black hairstyles will diminish as the so-called “Black underclass” (and UBY) are seen to embrace mainstream American Dream values and behavior, whatever the outward appearance.

Very likely a good way off in the future.


What cannot be carried forward, an aspect of Blackness that must be abandoned along with ANGER, is pants-down-the-ass attire. Certainly not at school, at most workplaces, and when applying for work!

GET SERIOUS UBY! (And parents!)





What immersion-association with immigrant families will instruct

Nothing, actually, necessarily, in the nature of formal instruction. Rather, UBY families merely observe, participate, get to know what their foster family and its members are about. Where they came from, their history, their hopes and fears. Making greater sense of the interaction respecting distilling lessons and do’s and don’ts can be had from counselors. The important thing is that UBY families glean the following:

Understanding that achievement of goals is incremental process! Not an overnight thing, not a sometime thing, but day-to-day small acts cumulating over weeks, months, years, to achievement of larger goals.*

* “Increments of success,” The Wolf termed this with his now-grown, three (pretty successful) children.

Such as… Simple—daily, and over and over doing mundane things that need doing when needed. Such as straightening up one’s room or space (making the bed!);* performing assigned chores and duties! (Every family member should have them!) An example: as adult family members will receive a regular (reparations?) check, UBY observe bills being paid regularly and on time. Family pride and self-reliance is built through such constancy. A sense of reassuring order and predictability is fostered.

* As was memorably said and expanded upon by US Navy Admiral William McRaven in a YouTube speech viewed by nearly ten million (also a book)——, “If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed.” (Presumably in the precise manner taught to all military recruits, taught to The Wolf by his ex-paratrooper stepfather.)


Goals—realistic ones!—are set and adhered to by family members. These goals, some large, many small (daily, weekly), are discussed, so as to assess merit, purpose, feasibility. Family members follow up in encouraging and supporting achievement of goals. Of all family members, including parents/grandparents!

Rules are established… more or less democratically. (Although parents ARE parents!) All are in the enterprise together!

UBY families in the same hood meet periodically. No counselors, no immigrant families! As forward-striving Community, families compare and share what each is doing. To offer mutual support. Hopefully, to bond, form productive, supportive relationships, friendships.


Discipline, delay of gratification! This is a tough one, as persons unaccustomed to setting and achieving longer-term goals will lack the sense that gratification postponed will be rewarded. Over time, however, hearing/observing benefits of these characteristics from immigrant foster families, observing the fruition of such characteristics (!!), assisted by counselors and others, surely the qualities can be acquired. Faith in such critical attributes of long-term success will come with results.


Personal hygiene—seems not to be an issue among UBY and their families!

Presentment. As in “How do I look?” Whether first day at school, in an interview, first day at work, instruction/learning in this important regard will derive from observing the habits, experiencing the expectations of those who have achieved conventional success.

A useful, mega-cost-saving lesson UBY will hopefully learn, is that one’s character and prospects, not cost, hotness, bad-ass-ness of, for example, shoes and clothes is what counts.


Regarding presentation, so as to avoid temptation and pitfall of choosing “expressive,” showing-off clothing when setting off for school—too-revealing halter-top; too-short skirt; T-shirt with image or words that distract and/or offend—The Wolf is a BIG fan of school uniforms.






Prospects for success


Importance of herd effect and momentum

An informing encounter with UBY occurred in The Wolf’s twenties as a substitute teacher in a Bridgeport, CT, high school. Virtually all students were Black and poor—your basic, problematic UBY, early 1970s version. To them I appeared a balding young White guy, an impression I did not try to correct.

And, of course, a mark—fair game for ridicule and worse, should I endeavor to upset the apple-cart of a day off from anything resembling schoolwork.


And cuz I wasn’t dumb, and more or less understood where the kids were coming from (unbeknownst to them), I conceived and implemented a survive-the-day strategy that proved very effective.

I’d enter a classroom, robust cacophony of 30+ students already in full swing, and, if necessary waving my arms, and never in a loud, cajoling way, seek to get the class’ attention.

Which, after a time, caused a slight subsidence of the raucous cacophony.

Curiosity! Something different tends to get the attention of all young people (!!).


“If I can have your attention for a moment,” I’d say and usually have to repeat, more in pleading than authoritarian tone. “I’m Mr. _____. Your substitute teacher for today. I’m only making $20 to be here. [Always mentioned that salient fact.] If you’d just sort of keep things to a low roar, I think we can get along and get through the period.”

And, maybe I’d announce that their teacher had left an assignment, and if so, hand it out, put it on the board. With a comment of the ilk, “I hope you’ll try to get around to doing this.”

Cacophony again rising to full pitch, I’d sit quietly at my desk in front. I’d no thought of trying to teach anyone anything, or to try to assert authority. I knew what time it was!

And, always, those students who happened to listen seemed to think my approach reasonable. Mr. Substitute Whomever was at least not a jerk. We’ll leave him be for now.


Having established myself as Mr. Reasonable Fellow, roar of talk (and yelling, slapping five, etc.) having resumed, I’d begin to reach out to students near my desk. “Excuse me, excuse me,” I’d say persistently, but in a low, calm voice. And when I got their attention, “Could you keep it down just a bit?”

And, thinking my approach respectful and request reasonable, they’d quiet down just a bit. And I’d ask if they could pass the word. “You know. Just… A little less noisy.” Which they were usually willing to do, nudging their fellows, passing along the message/request. Sort of owning the idea as their own. And I’d thank them.

And, gradually, the loud roar would subside to a low roar. And folk could hear themselves speak, as they no longer had to shout. Excepting, inevitably, two or three who didn’t get, or more likely didn’t heed what those near them were saying, who continued to be loud.

I’d now stand and say, for the first time in a commanding voice, something of the sort:

“Hey! Hey! You! You!” I’d single out the miscreants. “Didn’t you hear what your classmates are saying to you?!”

And the room, suddenly, would go completely silent, as the hard-heads would turn to me, sullen, ready to fight, confront, whatever. And fellow classmates were curious to see what would happen next.


Hard-heads would quickly realize they didn’t have the support of classmates, all of whom were now quiet, looking at me, back to the offenders, back to me.


I’d now switch gears back to Mr. Reasonable.

“Thank you,” I’d say to the hard-heads. “Thank you for your attention!” Calmly, I’d explain that talking is fine. But for everyone’s peace of mind, “so none of us has to shout”…

“Would you please just tone it down a bit.”

And they’d look to their classmates, and be surprised to find no one supported them. Rather, support was for Mr. ____, whom all others had decided was fair, appropriately respectful.

And the hard-heads would tone it down; I’d sit down; conversation would resume. But at a markedly lower volume.


Inevitably—Every single time! Every single period, as there’d be 5-6 periods and different groups of students.—, something interesting now transpired.

Becoming bored chattering with neighbors, students seated close to my desk, girls usually in retrospect, would direct a question to the White dude who seemed cool enough. Whose calm and respectfulness had gained their respect. They were curious.

Was I married? Have kids? Go to college? Why didn’t I have a better job?

And when they learned I’d gone to the Big Deal College not far up the coast in the state, which they’d all heard about, with a combination of shock and—doubtless most pleasing to them—pity, someone would say something of the order:

“You went to [name of Big Name College]??!! Watchu doin’ here? Earning a lousy $20 ?!”


They were confused. Well understanding the limitation of their own prospects, why/how did someone with my advantage find himself in such (in their eyes) a lowly position?

(I began to wonder about that myself. As my working-teacher wife doubtless did.)

And, sometimes, I thereafter managed to do a bit of actual teaching!



The point of all of which foregoing (respecting herd effect, momentum, etc.) is?

That IF the attention of UBY and their families can be gotten… IF they are approached with the above-proposed Solution to The Problem in the proper way; and matters go forward such that enough families (and UBY) begin to get the hang of what needs to be done and buy into it…

IF their interest and curiosity is peaked; they begin to see the point, grasp a vision of what might be possible and buy into the means whereby they (at least their children) might arrive at a better future…

AND they come together in their communities to meet one another, share stories, reinforce one another…

Not only will dissenters (both within and without the project) tend to be quieted…

But momentum will take hold and perform an important role in bringing about success!



The foregoing to be brought about by… Implementation prescriptions/suggestions


Preliminarily (re Program Enablers, Outreach Cadre)

Folk—target UBY families—must be given credit, notwithstanding circumstances, for not being stupid, uncaring, uninterested in improving the prospects of themselves, and, especially, their children. They must be approached individually, privately, with calm and respect, the outlines and details of what is proposed set forth matter-of-factly.


Respecting judgment, judgmentalism… No question, but THE ENTIRE ENTERPRISE/SOLUTION IMPLIES JUDGMENT! (No PC here!)


And UBY families, straight off, will call outreach cadre on this. E.g., “You sayin’ I don’t care about my child, I’m an unfit parent?!” There is ANGER!

To which calm, honesty, directness is the best, the only policy! E.g. (from Outreach Cadre), “Yes! You have been judged. I’m not here talking to you because someone thinks your situation is great.” [A problem with a child at school or with law enforcement will have precipitated the visit and outreach!]… “I’m sure you love your child. But let me ask YOU!—Do you think your situation is great?!… Do you think change is needed?”



New kind of Outreach Cadre needed!

Not social workers, community organizers, others who’ve experienced failure! Not it’s-a-job-for-me persons who, let’s be blunt (Wolf always gonna keep it real!), themselves evidencing insecurity dictated by past experience, tend, inevitably, to exhibit/reflect better-than-thou posturing vis-a-vis folk below themselves socio-economically/circumstantially.

But new, fresh-faced, idealistic folk!


Believers in the project! Preferably Black. College kids needing to earn money, prefersably embodiment themselves of the vision realized.

Confident retired Black professionals (!!).

An exciting version of Teach for America!



Program details

Hard-core, ANGRY, problematic UBY (fallen afoul of the legal system), will, of course, hopefully, have been tempered (softened?), by undergoing Phase 1 of The Solution—cost-beneficial 3-6 month sojourn in a foreign country on a small, rural farmstead (!!).

Target families, incentivized by their stipend (reparations?), are now matched with immigrant foster/host families not too far distant, who are also incentivized by a stipend.

It matters not whether the foster/host immigrant family members even speak English, although it is likely some in the household will—younger members, themselves embodying the vision of success to be gleaned and acquired. Indeed, a period of confusion and unease, likely unavoidable, is not necessarily a bad thing. At first, families may sit eying one another awkwardly. (Hopefully, refreshments will emerge.)

The idea at its core is stark contrast! Let the target UBY families merely look around, stare even. Experience grass, quiet, peacefulness, safety of suburban life… And/or cacophony of foreigners jabbering away in an unfamiliar language.

But they go and meet!


And stick to the regimen, if only to qualify for the stipend.

And, via mediation (same cadre member, assigned to several families, the better to learn what works and what doesn’t from observation of several pairings, acting as guide/coordinator), come to know and appreciate (if not embosom) the paired family.

Perhaps bonding exercises and excursions are put in place.

And the target UBY family’s immediate life is enhanced by the stipend and regimen—extra money; something to look forward to; a sense of importance and intra-family bonding via shared experience meeting with the foster/host family. And matters progress for weeks and months!



And then and only then!

Do target UBY families come together for the first time in their communities.



Community-meet sessions

Lest they devolve into a woe-are-we litany of complaint over the bad-old what was (i.e., the same ‘ol, same ‘ol disadvantaging conditions), sessions in which participating families meet one another to share and discuss should not occur until families are far enough along in the process to be in a changed place. Period!


Decision respecting when families are ready to come together with prospect of a positive, reinforcing experience—sharing stories about their foster/host family (possibly some bringing such families along!); talking about what positive change has resulted from the experience (and, sure, possibly carping about the amount of the stipend); etc.—should be made by team liaison folk (the guides/aides). Might be three months, might be six. ??



Proof of success

Likely will be reflected most immediately in school performance of participant UBY.

The wolf is a big supporter of public education. It seems obvious that children from all cultural and socio-economic walks, meeting, getting to know one another at a formative age, learning the same civics lessons and aspects of what they have in common, is a no-brainer respecting being a foundational pillar in our democracy.*

* Where educational policy is concerned, The Wolf has abiding skepticism regarding politicians and influencers hailing from private school backgrounds. This would include, e.g., recent presidents Trump, both Bushes, and toney Punahou School (HI) graduate Barack Obama, who appointed Arne Duncan, a fellow private schooler, as his Secretary of education. Public schools indeed warrant suspicion as to merit. However, problems are surmountable. Meantime, attitudes inevitably fostered in private schools, even eventually among those brought in via scholarship (e.g., Obama), often as part of “diversity exposure” for predominantly privileged classmates, are surely antithetical to democratic egalitarianism.

Teachers need more respect. Schools need more participation by parents who respect teachers. Who also insist upon excellent performance.


A canary in the process will be noting whether immigrant valuation of education and attendant values/practices, passed along to UBY families via example and otherwise, translate to practices/thinking of UBY families—e.g., exhortation to “Work hard!,” ”Do your homework!,” “”Respect your teacher!,” “No monkey-business!”—, then reflected in improved school decorum and effort of their children, and greatly improved interaction of UBY parents/guardians with teachers/administrators, etc.


Pointedly, will effort and striving for success in school move the needle from the present dead-end pejorative “acting White,” to “acting Right” respecting prevailing attitude?!




The Wolf hopes the foregoing one day soon will serve as template for initiatives tested and polished first in a limited number of cities/communities; eventually evolving into a nationwide initiative that breaks and leaves behind, once and for all, the pattern of defeat and defeatism that has so long plagued the majority of (primarily OBA) UBY and their families. (Also similarly situated Native Americans and Hispanics.)


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